UO Herald - Special Announcement

Origin Store Issues

Good morning everyone, As I am sure  you have noticed you are unable to purchase Game Time Codes on the Origin Store.   I still do not have an ETA on the time or date it will be fixed, so as of today we are going to be turning off Housing Warehouse.  Understand that by turning off the Housing Warehouse  this also means no houses can be placed until we turn it back on.  We will not turn back on the Housing Warehouse until 1 week after the Origin Store begins selling the codes again.  Turning off the Housing Warehouse does […]

UO Herald - Special Announcement

September Meet & Greets

Good Afternoon , It’s that time again for the Development Meet and Greets to start up.  We have changed the day of the week to Monday.  I will only post them month by month so we can make sure the correct times are posted and there will not be any confusion *hopefully* this year. Schedule for September Meet and Greets.  Legends   September 12, 2016   7:00 PM EDT  Mugen      September 26, 2016   9:00 AM EDT Thank you and hope to see you there. UO Team    

Publish 94 update

Good morning everyone, The 15th Anniversary Robe was removed from the store due to a delivery error on our part.  We will be making it available at a later date for purchasing once we have resolved the issue. We are aware of the issue with the Koti incorrectly spawning on Great Lakes, and are working on correcting this today. Thank you UO Team      

UO Herald - Special Announcement

Account Management Issues

Good afternoon everyone, It has come to our attention that some players are having issues accessing the account management page.  We are looking into this issue and will update you when we have resolved the problem. Thank you!  

Ultima Store

Good Afternoon everyone, Since Publish 94 has been published to all shards now the Ultima Store has been turned back on along with Character Transfer and the Promotional system. Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy Publish 94. UO Team      

UO Herald - Special Announcement

Siege Perilous Meet and Greet

Greetings all, We are sorry for the misunderstanding in the scheduling of the Dev Meet and Greet.  We will be holding the Meet and Greet tonight 8/8 at 9 pm ET.  The location is in Serpent’s Hold at the Counselor Hall aka The War Room.  We have placed a moongate to the location near the Luna Moongate. Hope to see you tonight. UO Team  

Publish 94 to Origin, Izumo & Baja

Good afternoon everyone, We will be pushing Publish 94 to Origin, Izumo, and Baja this afternoon, 8/4/2016, at approximately 4 pm ET.  At the time of the publish the Ultima Store, promotional code warehouse, and character transfer warehouse  will be down for the three above named shards  until we publish World Wide on August 10th. We will also be deploying a patch for the enhanced client to fix an additional crash with Legacy container mode. Check out the updated publish notes here and send any feedback here. Thank you in advance for your patience, UO Team こんにちは皆さん。 パブリッシュ94をOrigin、Izumo、Bajaに米現地時間8月4日(木)午後4時頃(日本時間8月5日(金)午前5時頃)導入します。これにともない、ウルティマ ストア、プロモーションコード、キャラクター転送は、米現地時間8月10日(水)に全シャードにパブリッシュが導入されるまでご利用いただけなくなります。 フィードバックは here からお送りください。あなたの忍耐に感謝致します。 UO チーム

Publish 94 Client Update

Greetings all, A new client will be published out today and it is mandatory that you update your client. The Terms of Service that is now present in the log in process has been corrected and you will also be able to view a Japanese version of the Terms of Service.  We have also fixed a crash reported by the players involving the Enhanced client and containers. Thank you for your patience. UO Team    

UO Herald - Special Announcement

Europa Meet and Greet

I would like to personally apologize to Europa for missing the scheduled Meet and Greet yesterday.  We would like to set up to do it today (6/28/2016) and 3 pm ET. Thank you, and we will see you then. UO Team