Decorative Kitchen Set

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Have you always wanted the kitchen of your dreams? Now you too can live the life of Britannia’s most famous Chefs! Enjoy the warming fire of a wood burning stove, the convenience of an indoor wash basin, cabinets for your baked goods and dishware, a butcher block, and additional countertops to complete the look! Customize even further as all included items take dye from furniture, natural, and promotional dyes!
This item available at a cost of 1,200 sovereigns from Ultima store consists of

  • pie safe
  • china cabinet
  • wood stove
  • wash basin
  • Butcher Block
  • 4 countertops

The pie safe and china cabinet can be opened to display a graphic of pies and dishes, these are both containers. The woodstove is a fire source for chefs and alchemists, activate the animation by double clicking. The wash basin, which is 3 tiles wide, is a water source once it has been filled with water from a pitcher, this action also turns on the animation.