Live Events

Live events and in-game events are a key feature in Ultima Online which makes it vastly different from any other MMORPG. There are different types of events, which are run over several days or at specific times. Events vary in difficulty and are a great place to meet up with your shards community.

In-Game Events

Live Events are often created and run by the developers of the game with assistance from the EM, Event Moderator, team:

Seasonal Events: Around Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, etc. there are often changes to the land making it slightly different and on occasion there will be a quest for you to complete. These quests are often fun and light-hearted with a festive spirit.

Arc Events/Ongoing Events:

  • Ultima Online Story, mixed with Lore from the Ultima series of single player games.
  • Often in many parts, each part lasting around 30 days.
  • All Live events will be announced at

Event Moderator and Shard Events

Event Moderators, EM(s), are on most shards and run unique events to bring community together, tell a story, and build interest in the game.

EMs and RPCs

  • EMs are Robed in four possible robes based off how long they have been around in the program (pictures below).
  • RPC, Role Play Characters,  are characters the EMs will use and be in full RP, they will not understand you if you mention real world things such as “internet”. Using brackets with a message, [MESSAGE], is the only way to say something to them out of character and them to understand.
Event Moderators and their RPCs are generally invulnerable, having a yellow or purple overhead name.
Ultima Online Event Moderators


Arc Events: Story line events with a plot, uses RPCs to tell the story and help the players on their adventure. Often a character is used repeatedly and gains friendship, or grows hatred, of the people of the land; building depth and meaning to the story that is played out.

Mini Events: Just for fun events which often don’t last longer than an hour and serve almost no purpose but to entertain. RPCs or Robes can be seen at these types of events.

Meet and Greet: When the EMs of your shard get on their robes and just talk with you, the players. 100% not in character, very casual.

RP Events: These events are done only by an RPC. The EM will not break character. These events help build the storyline for Arc events.

The EMs and YOU!

Many shards have Event Moderators and websites so you can find out when and where they are doing events. View a full listing of current EMs and their websites.