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Publish 92
First TC1 Release - 02/10/2016 Second TC1 Release - 2/18/2016 Origin &amp; Izumo Release - 2/23/2016 World Wide Release - 3/2/2016 <hr /> The Valley of One Quest <ul> <li>A Myrmidex invasion has besieged the Valley of Eodon.  Beware of sudden ambushes from Myrmidex burrowing from beneath the surface!</li> <li>Visit Hawkwind in Castle Blackthorn to accept the "Valley of One" quest chain.</li> <li>Upon completing the quest chain several rewards are available, <ul> <li><a href="">Lava Rock Display</a></li> <li><a href="">Tiger Rug</a> House addon, available in orange (common), black (uncommon) and white (rare)</li> <li><a href="">Banana Hoard</a> house addon, can be placed as small, medium, or large</li> <li><a href="">Dragon Turtle Fountain</a> house addon</li> <li>Reward Title Deed: Dinosaur Hunter</li> <li><a href="">Pet tiger cub</a> statuette, upon use grants the user a pet tiger cub</li> </ul> </li> </ul> Housing Updates <ul> <li>Players can no longer customize their houses while the warehouse is down which will prevent lost housing changes due to server maintenance.</li> <li>OSI Houses will no longer refresh when previous house owner reactivates their account.</li> <li>Players are no longer able to place multiple houses using the resize region and multiple characters.</li> </ul> &nbsp; Vendor Search Updates <ul> <li>Players can now search for Antique/Non Antique Items. Known Issue: EC requires client patch, this patch will be released in a future update.</li> <li>Corrected issue where if  an an item still shows up in search results but does not exist it would not be removed from the database after a few minutes.</li> </ul> &nbsp; Miscellaneous Updates <ul> <li>Auction Safe bidders will now receive a map (function like vendor search maps) when placing a successful bid. These maps only allow teleportation to the auction safe and will expire 3 days after the auction.</li> <li>Mob AI re-targeting will no longer deal damage when target is selected.</li> <li>Added Fey Slayer to imbuing. Known Issue Fey Wings text missing from ingredients, this will be resolved in a future client patch.</li> <li>Harpsichord rolls no longer spawn in a player's backpack and will now spawn inside corpses.</li> <li>Trial Accounts can no login join VvV and will be removed on login.</li> <li>North and West facings of the Fancy Loveseat and the Fancy Couch have been added to carpentry crafting under "Misc. Addons"</li> </ul> &nbsp; Combat Balance Update <ul> <li>Based on feedback we have reverted the following change : Ninjitsu, Chivalry, and Bushido spells that are beneficial with a default cast time less than or equal to 1 second will reset swing timer.</li> <li>After reevaluating  which spammable spells have a greater impact on damage output the following spells with now reset swing timer on use Animal Form, Cleanse By Fire, Confidence, and Evasion.</li> <li>Previously special move Riding Swipe debuff would require the effected target to be at full health when attempting to remount/fly. The Riding Swipe debuff now is removed once the affected target is at full health.</li> <li>Bushido Mastery Warcry cooldown has been reduced to 20 minutes from 1 hour.</li> <li>Enchanted Apples will now always remove curses on use and no longer have a chance to fail. Cooldown for Apples will range from 30 seconds to 45 seconds based on the number of curses being removed and their strength.</li> </ul> Shadowguard Update <ul> <li>The Fountain Encounter water elemental spawns are now capped at 30. While 30 water elementals exist the next elemental wave will have a chance to spawn a hurricane elemental.</li> </ul> Bug Fixes <ul> <li>Chivalry Mastery Holy Fist can be interrupted while casting and damage is now capped at 35 in Player versus Player.</li> <li>The Runic Atlas now consumes charges when using the "Recall (Charge)" option.</li> <li>Runic Atlas location name colors have been updated to be more visible.</li> <li>Made updates to how the Enhanced Client processes generic gumps.</li> <li>Curse now applies the resistance debuff when clumsy, weaken, and feeblemind are present.</li> <li>Mass Curse/Curse debuff tooltips now provide more accurate information when the debuff is applied.</li> <li>Resolved issue which prevented Champion spawns from properly starting.</li> <li>IDOC house Grubbers are now attackable in guarded areas.</li> <li>Spellweaving Mastery Summon Reaper will no longer unequip non spell channeling items when cast.</li> <li>Updated classic client webpage links.</li> <li>Grass and snow tiles can no longer be placed onto pets.</li> <li>Resolved issue where Bushido Mastery Anticipate Hit when combined with specific enemy spells would result in negative hit point regeneration.</li> <li>Corrected flagging issues related to Parry Mastery Bodyguard.</li> <li>Necromancy Mastery Command Undead pets no longer cast spells which cause flagging issues.</li> <li>Fixed server crash.</li> <li>Special move Whirlwind once again applies bonus damage to non primary targets.</li> <li>Fixed stackable items that are erroneously being flagged as duped items.</li> <li>Antique items can no longer be powder of fortified to reach very high durability.</li> <li>Ringmail, plate, and leather gloves that are not made out of special material can now be altered into gargoyle kilts. Gargoyle characters can now obtain any sort of +mining skill kilts.</li> <li>Adjusted the existing rune book to be partially hued.</li> <li>Fixed issue where vet reward power tools were utilizing the incorrect crafting menu.</li> </ul> <hr /> The following changes have been made between TC1-Release 2 and Origin &amp; Izumo. <ul> <li>Fixed issue with the spawn of  Sir Geoffrey's camp in the Valley of Eodon.</li> <li>Fixed issue where partial hueing was not properly applied to the runebook.  Runebooks should now properly partially hue.</li> <li>Fixed issue where players could teleport onto the Great Ape's banana hoard and the Great Ape could not attack them.</li> <li>Fixed issue where flamestrike effects were not getting cleaned up in the Caldera encounter.</li> <li>Fixed issue where in some cases trappers could spawn in an unreachable location during the Kurak portion of the Valley of One quest chain.</li> <li>Fixed issue with density of tiger spawn south of the Kurak village.</li> <li>Trappers spawned during the Kurak portion of the Valley of One quest chain now have a ten minute lifespan.</li> <li>Pets and summons will now be able to attack the Great Ape and Tyrannosaurus Rex mobs so long as the owner is on the correct Valley of One quest step.</li> <li>Reduced the intelligence of tiger cub mobs.</li> <li>Adjusted the hue of the Valley of One Quest Item for the Urali tribe to match the Urali tribe's native hue.</li> <li>Tiger cubs can now be healed via magic and veterinary.</li> <li>Reduced the hit points of the Tyrannosaurus Rex mob.</li> <li>Leashed the Tyrannosaurus Rex mob to its spawn location.</li> <li>The Tyrannosaurus Rex is now amphibious and can walk across the streams in Eodon.</li> <li>Optimized the AIs on the Tyrannosaurus Rex mob.</li> </ul>

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