The Advisors are coming!

Greetings Everyone,

I would like to introduce to you our new addition to the game, Advisors! You will be able to identify these players on your shards when you see them because they will be dressed like this:


If an Advisor is logged in you will be able to open your paperdoll and click on the help button, at the top you should see Contact an Advisor, click on this and write up the issue you wish the Advisor to help you with. Please keep in mind Advisors are NOT GM’s they do not have the powers to help you like a GM does. Advisors can move monsters that spawn out of reach, move corpses that die in out of reach locations, help new and returning players with information about the game that they don’t know or might have forgotten, and direct players to information sites that might be helpful. If an Advisor gets a call that she/he can’t handle they will forward it to a GM to keep the player from having to place two pages.

So please join us and welcome this team of players we have given the title of Advisor, make sure you speak to them when you see them on your shard and please be kind to them.

Thank you everyone for all your help with Publish 86 which will start hitting all the shards tomorrow during normal maintenance cycles.

UO Team