Colored Peculiar Plants

An accidental bug in 2009, unfixed by request of players, resulted in some plants previously only available as non-pollinating peculiar plants to become possible in colored and cross-pollinating choices. Where to Start Initial seeds in plain, red, blue, and yellow are obtainable from Boglings and Bogthings. In the past these seeds were campions, ferns, and tri-barrel cactus; the first generation seeds for cross pollination. The 2009 bug replaced the tri-barrel cactus seed with a random seed, most of these random seeds, when identified through a seed box or by use of poppy dust will prove to be normal plant crossing types […]

Plant Growing

Gardening and plant growing is a system that has evolved considerably since its introduction. The first thing we will look at in this page is the chosen Method of Growing your seeds. Further topics covered will be Types and Sources of Seeds | Reasons to Grow Plants | Care of Plants in Pots | Understanding the Plant Gump Method of Growing There are three main choices, they are: In pots – this method is the original design and requires that the plants be maintained by the gardener daily. This will be dealt with in detail later under the heading ‘Care […]

Publish 80 12th December

Publish 80 December 12, 2012 Bug Fixes The Ossian Grimoire can now be dyed using Tokuno Dyes. Vanilla plants will now display with a light gray color in the plant reproduction and resource gumps Various creatures that were not previously providing spined leather when skinned now provide the correct leather type The Redeemer can now be used to skin animals Jewelers will now purchase all manner of silver rings and bracelets Plain metal chests can now be unlocked using the magic unlock spell An issue with items being unobtainable once placed inside the Sacrificial Altar has been corrected Closing the […]

Publish 78 & 78.1 31st August

Publish 78 August 31, 2012 Anniversary Items Anniversary items for the 15th Anniversary of Ultima Online have been added. Considering these are a gift from us to you, we will drop a few sneak peaks in the upcoming weeks. All Characters older than 30 days will be eligible to receive Anniversary Items beginning September 1st, 2012 and ending September 30th, 2012 List of Anniversary Gifts Harpsichord and Harpsichord Rolls Heritage Token (due to request for ladders) Sands of Sosaria (16 unique historical items, hint: dbl click them when you pick one) 3 exploding muffins (just for something to go boom) […]

Publish 76 15th June

Publish 76 June 15, 2012 Global Arc – The Awakening The Awakening – Act VI Quest added This quest will be active during Act VI of The Awakening beginning July of 2012 and will end August 12th, 2012. The NPC will tell you how much time is remaining each time you turn an item in on your specific shard. During this Quest players will assist in concocting alchemical preparations. The alchemy skill is not required, but does provide a slight benefit. The Alchemical Preparations are concocted by completing a puzzle that requires various combinations of specific ingredients. The ingredients will […]


Magical Fish Pies To become a chef, simply cook! For many of the preparations you need to be near a heat source, this is most often an oven, but in some instances, such as barbeque, a camp fire or forge is sufficient. In the table, Cooking Menu, below where the proximity resource is listed as ‘flame’ any suitable heat source can be used. All such heat sources are: Campfire Fireplace Forge Heating stand Oven You will need tools: a rolling pin is the easiest to make if your character has no tinkering skill (requires 5 boards) a skillet, next easiest […]

Fragrant and Peculiar Seeds

A number of new plants were introduced in publish 55, September 2008, with Flax added in publish 56 and Vanilla added in publish 76 The Cocoa Tree The Cocoa Tree can be grown from Fragrant seeds, which are carried by all the monsters that drop any of the Peculiar Seeds It cannot be cross-pollinated. It gives up to 8 Cocoa Pulp, which is used in chocolatiering and making hot cocoa It also can produce up to 8 Cocoa Tree Seeds New Decorative Plants There are 17 new decorative plants available. These plants cannot be cross-pollinated and will not produce seeds. The […]

Publish 93

First TC1 Release – 5/12/2016 First Origin, Izumo and Baja Release – 5/19/2016 Second Origin, Izumo and Baja Release – 5/25/2016 World Wide Release – 5/31/2016 The Myrmidex Threat In the wake of the Myrmidex Invasion that has besieged the Valley of Eodon the time has come to take a stand! Visit the “Allegiance Idols” located in Sir Geoffrey’s Camp or The Barrab Village to declare allegiance to the Eodonians or the Myrmidex. Allegiance can by changed once every two hours. Enter the Myrmidex Pits via the excavation site West of Sir Geoffrey’s camp or the lift platform in the […]

Alchemy Potions

Alchemy Potion Ingredients Base Effects Required Skill Success Chance @ GM Agility1 1 Blood Moss 10 Dexterity 15 100.0% Greater Agility1 3 Blood Moss 20 Dexterity 35 100.0% Barrab Hemolymph Concentrate5 1 Bottle 20 Ginseng 5 Plant Clippings 5 Myrmidex Eggsacs (On corpses of Myrmidex Drones & the Myrmidex Queen) +100 Hit Point Regeneration for 10 seconds +10 Hit Point Increase for 5 minutes Cannot be consumed if poisoned, mortally wounded or under the effects of Confidence spell. Confidence spell cannot be cast while under the effects of this potion. Can be removed by “Purge Magic” and Talisman of Ward Removal 51 […]

Publish 89

Publish 89 Released World Wide 2/23/2015 IDOC Housing changes The changes we have made are to IDOC houses. Below are the details of the changes we have made: When a house goes into the condemned stage the house will go private and all access will be removed. Trial accounts will no longer be able to pick up loot from an IDOC house When the house drops Grubbers will spawn with some of the house loot in their packs, you will have to chase them down to get the loot they have. After a house is in the IDOC stage the […]