Ultima Online

Auction Safe Update

Greetings all, You can expect to see the following change after your normal maintenance cycle starting this afternoon. Auctions with an one hour duration can no longer be set to auto renew. Thank you! UO Team

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UO Forum Access

Greetings everyone, I wanted to let you guys know we are aware of the issues with logging into the UO forums.  The temporary  work around is to use Firefox.  Now that the EA Store is functioning and you are able to  buy codes again we will dedicate our efforts to fixing the forums. Thank you! UO Team    

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Extended Maintenance

Greetings everyone, We are preforming extended maintenance on the following shards: Arirang, Wakoku, Formosa, Hokuto, Asuka, and Mizhuo.  This will begin at 6 pm EST and will extend for approx 7 hours. We thank you for your patience. UO Team

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Pacific and Formosa are down

Good morning all, We are aware that Pacific and Formosa are down and are working on getting those back up.  We are also aware of the issue of not being able to transfer on or off several shards.  We will keep you update on the progress of fixing this issue. Thanks! UO Team  

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Vendor Search Maintenance

Greetings Everyone, To fix an issue with Vendor Search it will be taking down this warehouse in the next 30 minutes so we can do maintenance on this tool.  Vendor Search will be active again on your shards after your normal maintenance tomorrow. Thank you UO Team

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Issues purchases items from the EA Store

Greetings everyone, I know many of you are frustrated by your failed attempts to purchases items from the EA store.   Please know that EA is working on fixing this issue and as soon as I have more information I will pass it along. Mesanna  

Ultima Online

Log Out Delay

Greetings everyone, As a precaution we have increased the time it takes to log out of the game within safe areas if you have a pet, mounted or otherwise,  in the world in an attempt to resolve the pet disappearing issue. We have received several pages regarding this, and it is by design. If you receive there is another character in the world message, please give it a few moments and try again. Have a great day, Mesanna  

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Placed Houses in Dungeons

Greetings Everyone, It has come to our attention that houses have been placed in the copy of Castle Blackthron dungeon.  We are giving you 48 hours to remove your house or it will be deleted.  The houses on Atlantic were deleted because they were empty.  If you place there you will lose your house. Thank you and we hope to see you on Origin tomorrow, faire starts at 3 pm ET. Mesanna      

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25th Anniversary Faire

Come one Come All to the 25th Anniversary Faire    The EM’s and I would like to invite everyone to join us on Origin, Saturday September 24th at 3 pm ET.  Come join us for all kinds of games and fun.  The following will be some of the games you will find to entertain yourself: Horse Racing Troll Kissing Booth Story Telling Contest Dance Contest Ludo Game Archery competition Teleport Race UO Trivia Game Quack Quack foating duckling game Costume Contest Fortune Tellers Free drink with coupon at the Tavern 25th Anniversary Drunken Singing Competition We are all excited to […]

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Custom Castle Winners

Greetings Everyone, Below are the winners of the recent Castle Contest on TC1.  Thank you for all that came to TC1 and showed off just how creative you all are. Heorot by Is’Madin The Township by Christmas Magic Castle of the Resistance by Jamie Congratulations and look for these new designs when Publish 112 goes live next week. Thank you, UO Team