UO Herald - Special Announcement

Maintanence Announcement

Greetings everyone, Tomorrow morning at approx 7 am ET we will be preforming maintenance on several of our warehouses.  This means that for approx an hour the log in servers , the character transfer warehouse, the In game store, and the housing warehouse will be down. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. UO Team      

UO Herald - Special Announcement

Chesapeake Update

Greetings everyone, The issue that caused the crash on Chesapeake was related to the Magincia Stalls.  We have temporarily  disabled the ability to bid on any stalls until this is fixed.  Be aware the owners of the stalls  will retain them until we resolve the crash.   Shard transfers have been disabled and will not be available until the issue is fixed. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.  You will not experience any revert from the crash today. Thank you, Mesanna      

UO Herald - Special Announcement

Account Center taken down for Maintenance

Greetings everyone, The Account Center and the UO Store will be taken down for maintenance on Thursday, January 31st.  This will take approx 5 hours and should be back up and functional by noon on the 31st. Thank you for your patience and understanding ! UO Team    

UO Herald - Special Announcement

Developer Meet & Greet and Castle Contest

Greetings everyone, The next meet and greet will be on Drachenfels,  January 28th at 2 pm ET.  We  look forward to seeing you there. Since we just finished a Keep only contest we are going to do a Castle only this time.  We will be wiping TC1 tomorrow for everyone that wants to submit your new Castle design for voting. Good luck everyone we look foward to seeing everyones creativity. UO Team      

UO Herald - Contest

Publish 103 Keep Design Contest

October 19, 2018 Greetings everyone, We would like to announce we are wiping TC1 Monday October 22nd so we can begin the next house design contest which will feature keeps only.  This period we are not accepting castle designs.  Please know we have updated the contest and will be going through two voting periods, see the changes below: Players will have two weeks to design a keep and submit it  for voting Players have one week to vote on their favorite keep design From the results of player votes we will  advance  the top 20 keep designs to a second […]