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Incorrect skills on Mark of Travesty

Good afternoon everyone, We are aware of the issue related to altered/transmogrified Mark of Travesty masks. If you have altered one of the masks and the skills have changed from the original skills on the mask, please contact Mesanna at Mesanna@broadsword.com. To speed the process up please provide the shard, house name, facet and xyz of the item to be corrected. Thank you! Mesanna    

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West Coast Shards Down

  UPDATE 2/10/21 Just a heads up that it appears the issue causing the shards to crash has been correctly.  Thank you for your patience while we got this resolved. UO Team     Greetings Everyone, We are aware of the issue that we currently have with the West Coast Shards going down.  We are working with Amazon to resolve this issue and will keep you informed when we have any information. Thank you for your patience! Have a wonderful day, UO Team    

UO Herald - Special Announcement

Valentines Day Publish

Greetings all, To support the Valentine’s Day gifts we will be releasing a client patch and server publish this morning.  Please make sure you check out your Event Moderator posting for the time and place you might be able participate in the events leading up to these gifts.  Gifts will become available beginning February 12,  2021. This year your gift will be given out depending on your karma, so choose your actions wisely! UO Team    

UO Herald - Special Announcement

Looking for a few Good Event Moderators

Greetings Everyone,    I am looking to 3 creative friendly people that would like to join the Event Moderator team.  Please read the following and if you think this is an adventure you would like to join please contact me at Mesanna@broadsword.com.  Please answer the following questions and I will contact you to set up an interview.  List of most played character names Shards you play on Age (must be 18 or over to submit an application)  (You will need to sign a contract) How long you have played UO. Why do you want to be an Event Moderator?  Few […]

UO Herald - Special Announcement

Data Base Maintenance

We know we told everyone the maintenance would be finished by 2 pm today but due to unforeseen issues we are having extend the completion of maintenance to 7 pm this evening.  We are so sorry for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your patience. UO Team   Greetings Everyone, We are under going maintenance on the following data bases and should be completed by 2 pm ET today. Account Center which means code redemption is not working. Forums – Since the Account Center is down this will not be working properly. If you are having issues with […]

Treasures of Deceit Fixes

Greetings all, As of maintenance this morning all shards have the following fixes:  The items gained from the Treasures of Deceit NPC can now be placed on vendors to sell.  The issue that was found with Origin and Izumo has now been resolved. Thank you, UO Team  

UO Herald - Special Announcement

Temporarily Removing Robe Transmogrification Potion from the Store

Good afternoon everyone, Due to some issues that have surfaced with the Robe Transmogrification Potion we are going to temporarily remove it from the store until we can publish out a fix.  If you have questions or concerns about the potion that you used please contact me at Mesanna@broadsword.com.  Do not contact a GM regarding this issue. Mesanna      

Housing Status Update

Greetings everyone, We hope everyone is staying home and safe.  We understand this is very trying but know we are all together on this. The team has talked about this several times and we feel the best decision is not to turn off housing decay.  It would impact everyone by not allowing housing to be placed, housing to be transferred, as well temporarily turning off house decay.  The problem is if we did turn it off when the housing is turned back on all the status fast forwards to the point it should have been at when we turned them […]

UO Herald - Special Announcement

Atlantic Crashing

Greetings all, We are aware of the issue with Atlantic crashing and are working to resolve the cause.  We do not have an estimate time this will be fixed but wanted everyone to know we are aware of it and will keep you informed of our progress. We hope everyone is staying safe and all of our good wishes go out to each of you and your families. Have a great weekend, UO Team