Looking for New Castle Designs

Greetings all, I know we have all talked about this before but I think putting in new castle designs for our 20th year would be something great to do.  So we the team would like to have any designs from you guys.  Looking for 3 stand outs to use.  If you have any ideas or just like to design houses send them to me at Mesanna@broadsword.com. Thanks in advance!  

UO Herald - Hotfix

Publish 96 Bug Fixes

We are in the process of staging a publish that will be released tomorrow 2/22/2017 during your regular maintenance cycles.  Japanese shards will receive the changes below tonight during their scheduled maintenance. The changes are as follows: Doom Dark father will no longer teleport himself to different locations and we  have put a cool down on the number of times he can teleport you to him.  Please remember he is still leashed so you can not remove him from the area. Putrefier will no longer spawn Elemental and their loot has been greatly reduced. All versions of Glenda will be reset to […]

Ultima Online

Izumo’s Meet and Greet

Greetings, Due to a few of the team members being out of the office on Monday we have to postpone the meet and greet scheduled for January 23, 2017 @ 9 am ET and reschedule it to January 30, 2017 @ 9 am ET.   Meet you there and we look forward to answering all your questions.  

UO Herald - Special Announcement

Oceania Revert

Good evening everyone, Today the issue that Oceania was not saving was fixed today which resulted in a 2 day revert.  We appreciate the players reporting this and thank you everyone for your patience while we took care of this problem. UO Team    

UO Herald - Special Announcement

Meet and Greet schedule for January

Greetings All, The Meet and Greet schedule is as follows for January, meeting in the Lord Blackthorn castle,  January 9th. 2017 @ 7 pm ET  on Chesapeake shard and January 23, 2017 @ 9 am ET on Izumo shard.  Meet you there and we look forward to meeting with everyone. UO Team  

UO Herald - Special Announcement

Lake Superior is back up

Greetings All, Due to a crash that occurred on Lake Superior at 12 pm 12/23/2016 we have had to revert the shard to a 3 am backup.  This crash occurred due to a corrupted item on the shard which has now been deleted. Thank you for your patience while we resolved this issue. UO Team  

UO Herald - Special Announcement

Mugen Artisan Festival

Greetings all, The Artisan Festival on Mugen will be fixed after the next maintenance cycle.  Thank you for your patience while we get this issue corrected. UO Team  

UO Herald - Special Announcement

Data Base Schedule Maintenance

Afternoon everyone, Quick update as to the completion of the data base maintenance.  It looks like we need to extend it out to 2 pm ET 11/15/16.  If this changes again I will be sure to keep everyone informed.   Greetings all, Due to a delay the log in Data Base will be down till approx 12 pm ET 11/15/16.  Will keep you up to date if there are any other delays. Good Evening Everyone, Tomorrow morning 11/15/16 you might experience log in difficulties due to data base maintenance.  This will begin at approx 8 am ET and be completed […]