UO Herald - Hotfix

Publish 97 Bug Fixes

Greetings all, This morning during the regular maintenance cycle  of the US shard the following bug fixes were published, this evening the rest of the shards will be published. • Resolved issue which allowed players to mount pets that were polymorphed. • Adjusted Barracoon AI to no longer turn pets into ratmen. • Adjusted Medusa pet petrification to no longer change the hue of pets. • Adjusted the old Phoenix to match the new Phoenix body as well as adjusting the base damage and removed the hue. • Pet movement speed is now capped at 190 dexterity • Resolved issue which prevented […]

UO Herald - Special Announcement

New Store Item and Lag fix

Greetings Everyone, We have increased the number of available stable slots to 42, we are offering the Stable Slot Increase Token through the In Game store which will be available to you today.  This is an account bound item which allows you to add 3 additional stable slots to your character.  You may apply up to 7 tokens to any one character. Starting this afternoon with Japan after your shards maintenance your lag issue in the Kotl City will be resolved. Thank you, UO Team  

Ultima Online

Baja, Izumo, and Origin Pub 97 Update

Greetings all, We have fixed the following issues and publishing this to Izumo this evening 4/20/2017.  Baja and Origin will get it during their  maintenance on 4/21/2017. Pet max base stamina is now capped at 150. Resolved issue where trained pets taming requirements reset after server maintenance. Enjoy! UO Team  

UO Herald - Special Announcement

Update to Origin, Izumo and Baja Publish Schedule

Greetings all, We are making a few adjustments to pet AIs and will not be publishing today, our new scheduled date to publish to Origin, Izumo and Baja is Tuesday April 18th, 2017.  We will be updating TC1 with the latest changes, keep an eye on the wiki for the latest list of updates. Also, as of May 1st we will be making additional stable slots available from the Ultima Store. Finally, as a celebration of Easter and the dawning of Spring make sure you visit the Justice Falls and look for the pink squirrel to claim a gift.  These gifts […]

UO Herald - Hotfix

Dev Meet and Greet on Asuka and Pacific

Greetings Everyone, We will be doing the monthly meet and greets on April 10th for Asuka at 9 am ET and April 24th at 9 pm ET for Pacific.  We look forward to seeing you there with your questions and suggestions. I would also like to take this time to let you guys know we are aware of the issue with the Pet Branding tool.  When we publish the fix this week all tools will be fully recharged. Thank you! UO Team    

UO Herald - Special Announcement

20th Anniversary Party Update

Greetings everyone, We are so excited to see all the registrations that we have received to date!  At this point we have reached capacity and any future registrations will be put on a waiting list.  Wait list registrations will be open shortly.  If have already registered and need to cancel for any reason or would like to inquire about your reservation please contact us immediately. For those of you who are interested in staying at the Hyatt and would like to take advantage of our room block there, we  will be putting up the link as soon as details are available here. See you […]

UO Herald - Special Announcement

Ultima Online’s 20th Anniversary Party

Greetings everyone, We are happy to announce the details of our 20th Year Anniversary Party!.  The dates are September 22nd and 23rd, 2017.  Please go here to read about the activities, the location and rooms, and make sure you fill out the registration page if you are going to be joining us this year to help us celebrate. Please note the registration deadline to take advantage of the discounted room rates is March 31st, 2017.  After that you can still register but the rooms will cost more.  Space is limited so please register early! To cut down on confusion I […]

Looking for New Castle Designs

Good Afternoon Everyone, Let me see if I can’t clear up some confusion.  Please remember we have not finalized any plans as of this date but here is what we are thinking.  Castle would have the same footprint The design would still be considered a prefab house You would be able to access the design via the tool for original placement or via the house sign for a change in design.   We are still working out what happens to items inside the house so stay tuned for upcoming announcements. When you submit a design idea be very specific as […]