Customizable Keep & Castle Contest

For the discerning architect, there is a tool available on Test Center that will allow submission of customized keeps & castles to be added to the list of available Classic Houses.

To begin, head to Test Center and using a house placement tool select the “Custom House Contest” option to build a keep or castle plot.






In order to participate a house must be set to pubic and the “Submit House Design to Contest” option must be selected from the “Customize” menu from the house sign. You must commit your design while it has been submitted to the contest in order to be valid. 

At this point your plot has been entered into the contest.  You may continue to update your design at any point up until voting begins.  After voting begins, you may not longer update your design.

When the voting period begins, all active veteran accounts are eligible to vote.  Visit the Britain Commons House Contest stone to view the list of entries, visit the plots, and cast your vote.

At the conclusion of the voting period, selected designs will be added to the “Classic Houses” menu for placement in the next publish.

Additional Info

  • The design/submission period lasts 2 weeks
  • The voting period lasts 1 week
  • Only veteran accounts may cast a vote
  • All votes are final
  • Each publish cycle TC1 will be wiped and a new contest will be run so that multiple contests will be run each year.
  • Following the conclusion of the contest, new designs will not be available until the current publish has been deployed to each shard based on the current publish schedule.
  • Existing Keep & Castle owners may change their current house design to one of the new designs.  Take note, however, that all house decorations will be moved to the moving crate when the transition is made.
  • All submissions are subject to review for appropriateness and any that are found to contain design elements or names that are against the Terms of Service or deliberately attempt at undermining the spirit of the contest will not be eligible and will be removed from consideration.
  • Your design will not be disqualified if you use various house addons, such as ladders, in the design of the building for staging purposes.  Note, however, that these items will not be copied into the house placement tool.  Only objects placed through the house customization menu will be copied over.