Stealing in Exodus Dungeon

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As demonstrated by the Europa character, Xorartep


Xorartep skidded to a halt and, glancing left and right, quietly hid in the shadows. Sliding from the back of her summoned mount she stealthily slipped through the starry portal before her into the room below. Hoping that her caress of the statue at home would bring her the luck it promised; she paused and carefully surveyed the scene. From the corner of her eye she glimpsed the dark purple robe of an Exodus Zealot and set off in pursuit of her prey.


She crept, silently, behind the unwary creature and attempted to peek into his pack. It was buckled, but she was not entirely thwarted; she could just slide her fingers inside, but she would not be able to choose what she removed.

She summoned her mount, if he awoke to her attentions she would need to move swiftly, her nimble fingers slipped into his pack. She removed – something. He had not become aware of her; her hands summoned power as she silently mouthed the incantation that would once more hide her from sight. ‘An Lor Xen’. Breathing a sigh of relief she dismounted and looked to what she held in her hand. Six bright sapphires sparkled in her palm. She stowed them carefully in her pack.



Gliding, unseen, over the smooth floor Xorartep sought her next target, only to pause as she felt a disturbance in the air. Something large was hidden nearby; she cast about using her acute senses and finally an elaborately decorated box was revealed to her eyes. She examined it carefully. It was both locked and trapped! The lock was no obstacle, the lockpicks in her pocket were soon brought to bear and with a gratifying click the lock gave way. The traps were something else; she did not have the skill to disarm them, but where one skill was lacking perhaps another would suffice. She backed carefully away from the box, and looking around to make sure she would not be seen she magically shook the box ‘Ort Por Ylem’.


A poisonous cloud rose up and swiftly dispersed into the air. She shook it again, the zap of a dart trap reached her ears. One final incantation to hide herself and she stealthed forward to examine the contents. Gold and gems glistened up at her and hidden below them, a dagger. Yes! One of the relics she would need to find her way into the hidden domain of Exodus.

The hunt continued, Xorartep made her way from room to room, lightening the packs of zealots and revealing and emptying boxes. One zealot invoked her silent curse by moving away just as she reached towards his pack, causing her to slip from her mount and follow him until he paused again. Sometimes she was unable to get out of sight to shake the boxes; she shook those from the back of her mount. Once an angry zealot cast a poison spell on her but luckily her stock of orange petals took care of that. Finally, when she had visited each room in the building, she returned home to examine her spoils.

2 robes of rite, 2 sacrificial daggers, 1 summoning altar and 1 summoning rite.
48 – 78 of the 9 gem types, 20 assorted essences, 11 bottles of parasitic poison and 13 of invisibility, 43 smoke bombs, 1 taint, 2 blight, 2 corruption, 2 luminescent fungi and last, but not least, 45,364gp

She was moderately pleased with her haul.