Community Collections

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Community Collections exist in three locations, Vesper Museum, Moonglow Zoo and Britain Library, they have a dual purpose. For the community aspect points are attributed to all player donations which trigger displays in the 3 locations involved. In Vesper Museum and Moonglow Zoo the display cases and zoo cages fill up as points tiers are completed, in Britain Library there are no tiers, each different NPC has a display relevant to the skill type he or she represents which will display when the points target on that individual is hit.

The Community Exhibits

Vesper Museum Moonglow Zoo Britain Library
Tier 1 – The Paladin
Tier 2 – The Necromantic Arts
Tier 3 – Flora and Fauna of Far Away Lands
Tier 4 – Whimsical Moments
Tier 5 – May the Cards Guide Thee
Tier 6 – Swords and Silk
Tier 7 – Nature’s Children
Tier 8 – There Once Ruled a Great King Over These Lands
Tier 9 – Of Chaos
Tier 10 – Of Order
Tier 11 – Notable Villains
Tier 12 – Notable Events
Tier 1 – Crane
Tier 2 – Two gray wolves, two white wolves, and two dire wolves
Tier 3 – Two polar bears
Tier 4 – A plague beast, a quagmire, and a bog thing
Tier 5 – A wyvern
Tier 6 – A drake and a dragon
Tier 7 – A changeling (locked in its natural form)
Tier 8 – A reptalon
Tier 9 – A yamandon
Tier 10 – A sphynx
Tier 11 – A silver steed
Master of Trades – Trades display
Animal trainer – Understanding Animals display
Artist – Arts display
Fisher – Britannia’s Waters
Mage – Wizard’s Compendium display
Musician – Songs of Note display
Necromancer – Oil and Oubliette display
Paladin – Light and Might display
Samurai – Folded Steel display
Thief – Skeleton Keye display
Treasure hunter – Past Treasures display
Warrior – Mace and Blade display

For individuals the donations you make accrue points which can be spent on a range of rewards.
The collections run on both the Felucca and Trammel facets, each independent of each other on tiers and personal donation points. In the museum and zoo there is a single donation point, but in the library each npc’s record of points is seperate. It is not possible to donate to several npc’s and have an accumalative total of all your library donations. Your character’s personal points total is maintained should you choose to undertake a shard transfer.

How to Donate

Double click the npc or donation box to see the donation gump. This shows the status of the collection’s total point score, the items that can be donated and the quantity of relevant items in your pack.

Click on the blue button beside the item you wish to donate. If the item is in a stack you will be prompted to type in the quantity being donated, unstacked items are donated one at a time unless the bag option is selected. The gump also recognises and accepts quantities contained on commodity deeds. Selecting the ‘donate a bag’ option allows you to donate multiple, unstackable and assorted objects at the same time. Click on the blue button, then target the bag containing your items to call up a new gump. From this new gump you can again click the blue buttons to donate individual items from the bag, or you can choose to donate all.

Britain Library is found just north of Brit Castle Gates. Before you may donate to the library you will need to undertake the quest Friends of the Library after which you will need to select the correct npc dependent upon what items you wish to donate and what reward you want in exchange.


Vesper Museum is found on one of the southernmost islands. Donations to the museum are done through a blue donation box found on the lower floor of the museum. Simply drop your donation on the box.


Moonglow Zoo is found south of both the city and the graveyard. At the zoo entrance you will find a blue box atop a pedestal. To donate gold, drop it on the box as at the museum, to donate creatures choose the ‘transfer’ option from the pet’s context menu then target the box.


What to Donate

The following table lists all items which can be donated to the museum, the zoo and to all library npcs. In addition there are items which can only be donated to specific library npcs, these will be listed in a further table.

Accepted Donation Items

Vesper Museum Moonglow Zoo Britain Library
(All NPCs)
Gold coins at 1 pt per 15 coins
Checks at 1 pt per 15 gold
Board: 1 pt
Oak boards: 3 pts
Ash boards: 6 pts
Yew boards: 9 pts
Heartwood boards: 12 pts
Bloodwood boards: 24 pts
Frostwood boards: 48 pts
Hinge: 2 pts
Scorp: 2 pts
draw knife: 2 pts
Jointing plane: 4 pts
Moulding plane: 4 pts
Smoothing plane: 4 pts
Gold coins at 1 pt per 15 coins
Checks at 1 pt per 15 gold
Any kind of pet wolf: 30 pts
Pet slime: 45 pts
Pet polar bear: 45 pts
Unusual riding creatures: 250 pts
(Ki-Rin, Nightmare, Unicorn)
Pet beetles: 300 pts
(Fire beetle, giant beetle and rune beetle)
Pet drakes and dragons: 400 pts
(Dragon, drake, white wyrm)Reptalons: 550 pts
Gold coins at 1 pt per 15 coins
Checks at 1 pt per 15 gold
community6Stealable red book: 3 pts
Stealable tan book: 3 pts

Donations to Specific Library Staff

Master of Trades Animal Trainer Artist Fisher Mage Musician
Iron Ingot: 1 pt
Dull Copper Ingot: 2 pts
Shadow iron ingot: 4 pts
Copper ingot: 8 pts
Bronze ingot: 12 pts
Gold ingot: 18 pts
Agapite ingot: 14 pts
Verite ingot: 31 pts
Valorite ingot: 39 pts
hide (plain): 2 pts
hide (spined): at 5 pts
hide (horned): 10 pts
hide (barbed): 15 pts
Cut leather: 2 pts
Cut leather (spined): at 5 pts
Cut leather (horned): 10 pts
Cut leather (barbed): 15 pts
Shepherd’s Crook: 7 pts
Dragon Scales: 20 pts
Scribe’s Pen: 1 pt
Blank Scroll: 1 pt
Fertile Dirt: 1 pt
Board: 1 pt
Oak boards: 3 pts
Ash boards: 6 pts
Yew boards: 9 pts
Heartwood boards: 12 pts
Bloodwood boards: 24 pts
Frostwood boards: 48 pts
fishing pole: 2 pts
fish: 1 pt
crab: 10 pts
lobster: 10 pts
uncooked fish steaks: 1 pt per 4
Blank Scroll: 1 pt
Spellbook: 10 pts
Black Pearl: 1 pt
Blood Moss: 1 pt
Garlic: 1 pt
Ginseng: 1 pt
Mandrake Root: 1 pt
Nightshade: 1 pt
Sulfurous Ash: 1 pt
Spider Silk: 1 pt
drum: 8 pts
Lute: 8 pts
Necromancer Paladin Samurai Thief Treasure Hunter Warrior
Necromancy Spellbook: 12 pts
Pig Iron: 1 pt
Grave Dust: 1 pt
Nox Crystal: 1 pt
Daemon Blood: 1 pt
Bat Wing: 1 pt
Chivalry Book: 12 pts Bushido Book: 30 pts
Bokuto: 8 pts
Daisho: 22 pts
No-Dachi: 27 pts
Lock pick: 1 pt
Lesser poison potion: 1 pt
Deadly poison potion: 5 pts
Cloth ninja hood: 11 pts
Leather ninja hood: 16 pts
Blank Scroll: 1 pt
Map (Stash): 5 pts
Map (Supply): 11 pts
Map  (Cache): 17 pts
Map (Hoard): 20 pts
Map (Trove): 24 pts
Buckler: 9 pts
Battle Axe: 9 pts