Gargoyle Queen Loyalty

The Rewards of Loyalty

The Gargoyle Queen is careful of her lands and property. In order to build a house in her domain, or to use the special soulforge in her palace, you must first prove your loyalty, only Nobles are allowed these privileges. Loyalty is shown by a points score, the more services you undertake for the queen and her subjects the more loyalty points you will have.

What services can you perform for the Queen?

  • You can kill troublesome monsters for her, overland, in the Tomb of Kings, in the Abyss beyond the Tomb and in Underworld.
  • You can undertake quests for her citizens

Loyalty Levels

  • Below 0: Enemy
  • 0-1999: Friend
  • 2000-9999: Citizen
  • 10,000-15000 (maximum): Noble

Point Levels

2 Points
Fire Ants, Lava Lizards, Lava Snakes.
3 Points
Coral Snake, Korpre, Ortanord.
5 Points
Clan Ribbon Courtier, Daemon, Trapdoor Spiders, Gremlin, Wolf Spider, Axem’s “A Broken Vase” quest.
8 Points
Gray Goblins, Green Goblins
10 Points
Anlorzen, Anzuanord, Betballem, Lowland Bouras, Kepetch, Gray Goblin Keeper, Gray Goblin Mage, Green Goblin Alchemist, Green Goblin Scout, Rotworm.
15 Points
Skree, Slith, Bloodworm, High Plains Boura, Putrid Undead Gargoyle, Axem’s “Putting The Pieces Together” quest.
20 Points
Anlorlem, Ballem, Raptors, Relanord, Stone Slith, Lava Elemental, Iron Beetle.
25 Points
Kepetch Ambusher.
30 Points
Toxic Slith.
35 Points
Aliabeth The Tinker’s “A Worthy Proposition” quest
50 Points
Anlorvaglem, Vitavi [Renowned], Wyvern [Renowned], Axem’s “Ye Olde Gargish” quest, Aliabeth the Tinker’s “The Exchange” quest
75 Points
Sliem the Fence’s “Unusual Goods” quest, Navrey Night-eyes, Niporailem The Thief
2000 Points
Make a new gargoyle character.