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Stats, short for ‘Statistics’ refers to the three physical qualities of your character: Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence, from which are derived your attributes: hit points, mana and stamina. Your stats are viewed and managed through the stat gump in classic client, opened by double clicking the character’s lifebar, and through the character sheet in enhanced client, opened from the icon, top right corner of the paper doll, or by dragging the icon from ‘actions’ > ‘menu actions’ to a hotbar slot or macro.

Stat Management

status_gump charactersheet_ec

Each individual stat, Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence, can be set to either one of these three options:

  • Locked
  • Set to Raise
  • Set to Lower

Total stats are capped at 225 for new accounts. At 6 months, all characters will have their stat cap raised by 5 points to 230. Also, Scrolls of Power can be found to raise your stat cap by up to 25 points and the special Scroll of Valiant Commendation allows a further +5 giving a final total possible of 260. Individual stats are capped at 125 real (150 with items).

  • – Stat gain is linked to skill gain, only when you gain in skill will you gain in stats; it is, however possible to gain in stats if the skill involved is at cap, or even if the character is at skill cap, provided it is still set to raise and therefore attempting to gain.
  • – All skills now have a primary and secondary stat. The primary stat will rise 75% of the time. The secondary stat will rise 25% of the time. If the primary stat is not set to “gain”, the secondary stat will be chosen. If the primary and secondary stats are both locked or set to “decrease”, neither stat will rise.
  • Note: If a stat is at the maximum individual stat cap of 125 and is not locked, it can be chosen, but it will not rise.
  • – The chance that a stat will increase on any given skill gain is 1 in 20.- Purchasing skill training from an NPC will not raise stats.
  • – There is no cap on how many stat points you can gain in any given time period
  • – Individual stats are capped at 125 real with a total cap of 150 including bonuses from items.

Table of Primary and Secondary Stats

Primary Stat
Secondary Stat
Alchemy Int Dex
Anatomy Int Str
Animal Lore Int Str
Animal Taming Str Int
Archery Dex Str
Armslore Int Str
Begging Dex Int
Blacksmithy Str Dex
Bowcraft/Fletching Dex Str
Bushido Str Int
Camping Dex Int
Carpentry Str Dex
Cartography Int Dex
Chivalry Str Int
Cooking Int Dex
Detect Hidden Int Dex
Discordance Int Dex
Evaluate Intelligence Int Str
Fencing Dex Str
Fishing Dex Str
Focus Dex Iint
Forensic Evaluation Int Dex
Healing Int Dex
Herding Int Dex
Hiding Dex Int
*Imbuing Int Str
Inscription Int Dex
Item Identification Int Dex
Lockpicking Dex Int
Primary Stat
Secondary Stat
Lumberjacking Str Dex
Mace Fighting Str Dex
Magery Int Str
Meditation Int Str
Mining Str Dex
Musicianship Dex Int
*Mysticism Int Str
Necromancy Int Str
Ninjitsu Dex Int
Parrying Dex Str
Peacemaking Int Dex
Poisoning Int Dex
Provocation Int Dex
Remove Trap Dex Int
Resisting Spells Str Dex
Snooping Dex Int
Spellweaving Int Str
Spirit Speak Int Str
Stealing Dex Int
Stealth Dex Int
Swordsmanship Str Dex
Tactics Str Dex
Tailoring Dex Int
Taste Identification Int Str
*Throwing Dex Str
Tinkering Dex Int
Tracking Int Dex
Veterinary Int Dex
Wrestling Str Dex
*Imbuing, Mysticism and Throwing were not included in the original table. While all other skills primary and secondary information came directly from the game developers the information for these three skills is as determined by experimentation on Test Center


the attributes health (hp) mana and stamina are derived by the following formulas:

  • Health: (Strength / 2) + Strength Bonus
    + 50
  • Mana: Intelligence + Intelligence Bonus
  • Stamina: Dexterity + Dexterity Bonus

Skill Management

The maximum total number of (real) skill points you can possess among all your skills, called your skill cap, is 720. You are able to manage your skills by setting each skill to one of three modes: raise, lower, or lock. To manage your skills, click on the Skills button in your Character Window (paperdoll) or on the skills icon in the default hotbar. On the far right of each individual skill there is an arrow pointing up, pointing down or a padlock. Click on it to cycle through the modes. In the enhanced client you can also set an ‘autolock-value’ by right clicking on the skill icon. This is used if you wish to stop gaining in a skill at below maximum and wish to avoid ‘overshooting’ your target.


  • Raise – When a skill is set to Raise (up arrow), this skill will increase as it is used.
  • Lower – When a skill is set to Lower (down arror), this skill will decrease if you’re at the skill cap and gain in other skills. Skills set to Lower will not allow you to gain stats from use of that skill.
  • Lock – When a skill is set to Lock (padlock), this skill’s value will not change. Skills set to Lock will not allow you to gain stats from use of that skill.

A field at the bottom of the skill menu lists your character’s skill total. This allows you to see how close you are to the skill cap.

Managing Skill Groups

Initially, there are 6 or 7 skill groups (depending on client used), sorted by category. It is possible to create a custom group with only the skills you plan to include in your template.

To add a new group in the classic client, click the New Group button. If you wish to rename a group, double-click the group name and make your desired changes. To move skills between groups, click and drag the skill from one group to another. If you’re moving a skill to an empty group, you will have to drag the skill on top of the group name in order to add it to that group.

To move skills to the custom tab in enhanced client, right click on the skill icon and select ‘Add to Custom Tab’

To delete a skill group in classic client, click the skill group name to highlight it, then press the delete key. Skill groups cannot be deleted in the enhanced client.

To make viewing or editing your skills easier in classic client, you can click and drag the blue gem at the bottom of the skill window to show more skills at once.

Skill Points From Items

Jewelry and some artifact items have + skill properties. These points are not included in the 720 cap, however care should be exercised in choosing skills to use these in. For some special abilities only real skill points are taken into account.