Ninjitsu, the skill of the Assassin. If this is your goal the first thing you will need is the Book of Ninjitsu, this can be bought from a scribe in the Rokuon Cultural Center in Zento or the Ninjitsu instructor in the New Haven Dojo. This individual will also, for a fee, train your initial points in the skill, his companions will train the other skills you will need to become a fully skilled assassin. The ‘must have’ supplemental skills are hiding and stealth.

You will need to make a choice as to the rest of your intended skill set; Fencing is the weapon skill offered by the dojo inhabitants, but you could instead choose swordsmanship, macefighting, wrestling or even magery. Tactics is also offered, but you may instead choose to train poisoning. You should take their gain quests to gain skill to 50, you may only take one quest at a time.

The Book of Ninjitsu






ninja_animal_form Animal Form 0 10 Allows you to transform into an animal, gaining special bonuses. If you are running while casting this spell, you will automatically transform into your last selected animal type. Only two forms are available at 0 skill, others become available as your skill grows, however for training purposes only the casting of the spell counts, not the form you choose. You cannot gain skill from choosing higher forms.

Animal Form Menu
Special Abilities
0 Rabbit or Rat Grants a 20 point bonus to the stealth skill.
40 Cat or Dog Increases regeneration rate. The increase is based on your Ninjitsu skill.
50 Giant Serpent Inflicts low level poison whenever you strike your opponent with a non-ranged weapon.
Bullfrog Inflicts poison when your enemy damages you at short range.
70 Ostard or Llama Increases movement speed.
85 Wolf or Bake-Kitsune Increases movement speed and grants a bonus to both your hit chance and maximum hit points.
100 Unicorn Increases movement speed and grants immunity to low level poisons.
Ki-Rin Increases movement speed and regenerates stamina quickly.
ninja_mirror_image Mirror Image 10 20 Creates a mirror image of yourself that may absorb damage when you are standing within 4 steps of it. A mirror image consumes a follower slot and will disappear in 30 to 60 seconds.
ninja_focus_attack Focus Attack 10 30 Increases both your damage and the percentage chance for ‘hit’ properties on your weapon for one attack
ninja_backstab Backstab 30 40 An attack from stealth with a damage bonus based on your Ninjitsu and the distance you have tracked your target.
ninja_shadowjump Shadowjump 15 50 Allows you to teleport while maintaining stealth, but only if you succeed in a stealth check at your destination.
ninja_surprise_attack Surprise Attack 20 60 An attack from stealth that inflicts a defense penalty on your opponent for a short duration. You cannot re-enter stealth for 5 seconds after a surprise attack.
ninja_ki_attack Ki Attack 25 80 An attack that does greater damage based on how far you travel to your opponent from the location where you initiated the Ki Attack. You must reach your target in under 2 seconds.
ninja_death_strike Death Strike 30 85 After receiving a Death Strike, if the opponent moves more than five steps, or three seconds elapses, they will suffer direct damage determined by the attacker’s Ninjitsu, the average of the target’s Hiding/Stealth and the number of tiles the target was tracked for. Damage in pvp capped at 50%

In addition to the abilities found in the book of ninjitsu, there are a variety of weapon specials which require ninjitsu (or bushido) skills instead of tactics. Poisoning too is substituted for tactics on certain weapons. Detailed descriptions of these moves can be found on the Special Moves page.

Special Moves Without Tactics
Weapon skills are denoted as follows (A) Archery skill, (F) Fencing Skill, (M) Mace Fighting Skill (S) Swords Skill
Required Skill
Special Move
Primary on
Secondary on
Ninjitsu (or Bushido) Armor Pierce (A)Yumi (F)Sai
Ninjitsu (or Bushido) Block (M)Nunchaku, Wildstaff, (F) none
Ninjitsu (or Bushido) Defence Mastery (F)Lajatang (F)Kama
Ninjitsu (or Bushido) Double Shot None (A)Yumi
Ninjitsu (or Bushido) Dual Wield (F)Tekagi, Sai (M)Tessen
Ninjitsu (or Bushido) Feint (M)Tessen, (S)Bokuto, Daisho, (F)Leafblade, none
Ninjitsu (or Bushido) Frenzied Whirlwind (M)Tetsubo, (S)Wakizashi (F)Lajatang
Poisoning Infectious Strike (S)Butcher’s Knife, (F) Assassin Spike, Gargish Dagger (S)Cleaver, Dual Short Axes, (F)Dagger, Kryss, Pike, Double Bladed Staff
Poisoning Serpent Arrow None (A)Elven Composite Longbow
Ninjitsu (or Bushido) Talon Strike None (F)Tekagi

Also part of the ninja’s arsenal:

  • Smoke bombs and egg bombs – A Ninja strikes and fades away, disappearing in a puff of smoke. Smoke bombs and egg bombs are essentially the same thing; smoke bombs are made by alchemists using eggs and ginseng while egg bombs are made by cooks using eggs and flour. They can only be used by characters with 50 or higher Ninjitsu skill.
  • Shuriken and ninja belts – Shuriken are held within a ninja belt which must be equipped, also you must have a free hand to throw one. A blacksmith makes 2 charge shuriken, but by loading them into a belt and then removing them these can be combined into 10 charge items. Double click the belt and click the resulting cursor on your target, shuriken are affective at a range of 3 – 9 tiles and can be poisoned. Darkglow poison is sometimes used on these because of its increased affectiveness at a distance.
  • Fukiya & Darts – These blow-pipe weapons work at a lesser distance than shuriken, 1 – 4 tiles. The fukiya is made by a carpenter, the darts by a bowyer. These too can be poisoned.

Talisman of the Fey

Additional animal forms are possible with 4 special talismans claimed from Heritage Tokens. When wearing such a talisman the animal form it represents is added to the menu when the spell is cast.


Talisman Type

Special Abilities

20 Squirrel Form None
40 Ferret Form Gives +10 Stealing
60 Cu-Sidhe Form Auto-self heal with bandages (bandages must be in your backpack)
90 Reptalon Form Fire Breath Attacks


Your training regimen beyond the 50 skill from the new player quests will depend to a degree on what supplementary skills you have chosen. Most guides recommend the following:

  • 50 – 60 Cast Mirror Images, attacking them to allow re-casting without waiting for them to dispel.
  • 60 – 70 Focus Attack. Gains are by difficulty of casting, not difficulty of opponent. If you are training a weapons skill choose an opponent you will gain both skills against, as illustrated on the ‘melee fighter‘ page. if you chose magery instead of a weapon skill consider acquiring a mage weapon and a less difficult opponent.
  • 70 – 85 Shadow Jump
  • 85 – 120 Death Strike ( or 85 – 110 Ki Attack, then Death Strike)

If healing is a problem use dog or cat form when not attempting to cast, seek out armor which has the hit point regeneration property and/or carry a stock of Greater Heal potions. If you have poisoning choose a weapon that has the ‘infectious strike’ special move, coat your weapon with parasitic poison and intersperse your ninjitsu training spell with special move strikes when your weapon and poisoning skills are high enough.