Publish 66.2 22nd June

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Publish 66.2

22 Jun 2010 15:36:53 EST

Endless Decanter of Water

To obtain, throw a full water pitcher at a water elemental (non summoned) there is a slight chance the elemental will throw back to the player a Endless Decanter of Water.  The Decanter can then be linked to a water trough, as long as the player is within 5 tiles outside of a house or anywhere inside a house the Decanter  will continuously refill itself.

Live Event:

In the Shadow of Virtue: Rise of the Bane Chosen

Bane Chosen forces are battling the Ophidians in the lost lands.  Players may join either side and the faction will reward them for their help.  Both sides are most appreciative of players who push back the front line of the enemy (look for the army battle flag to find the front line).  Speak with the recruiters in each faction camp to find out what they are fighting about.  For each point of loyalty that you gain with a faction at war, you will lose 3 points of loyalty with their enemy so it does not pay to switch sides often.  “Peril bonus” is a bonus to loyalty gain (and loss) when other players are assisting the enemy army.  Double clicking the flag at each faction’s front line will tell you the progress of the spawn.  Special quests are available at the faction camp when players reach 2000 loyalty to that faction.  Special rewards are available if players assist a faction in routing the other faction from the field, but be warned, these armies are stubborn and will return! Quests are not available while a faction is routed.

Additional Changes

  • Bane dragon’s special attack is now capped at 200.
  • Healing stones now correctly track which stone is in use.
  • Items with limited lifespan can no longer be altered

Publish 66.2 Update – 06/24/10

  • Bane chosen soldiers are now vulnerable to Repond slayers
  • Hell hounds from event will no longer be tameable.
  • Existing hell hounds from the event that are tamed will be removed from the game.
  • Disbanding a party will now work correctly in all situations