The Trade Window

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Face to face trading between players is carried out through use of the trade window. A trade may be initiated by dropping the object you are trading onto the character’s head, onto the life bar (Enhanced Client only) or by using the context menu. Dropping on the head is not recommended as the object could fall onto the floor.

The trade window looks significantly different in the two clients, but performs the same. The item to be traded appears in the window:


At the top of the window you will see the balance of your currency account, in classic client your name is also at the top of the window above ‘my offer’, in enhanced client this appears at the bottom of the my offer section. Below the offer window are two piles of coins, gold and platinum. Click on the 0 and type to add the agreed amount if you are the buyer. You can check that the correct item is offered by mousing over, if the item is a container double clicking it in the trade window will open it to allow inspection of the contents.

Once you have checked the item and entered your offer you should tick the blue gem in classic client or ‘accept’ in enhanced client to confirm the trade. The buyer should always confirm first, as signified by the ‘waiting’ in the Enhanced client window;  the seller should only confirm after checking the price entered is that agreed upon.

When the seller accepts the trade the window immediately closes and the payment is added to their currency account.

Note: This trade was demonstration only, item and price are not realistic.