Brigand Camps



Travelling along the roads of Britannia from Britain to Yew, not far from the dungeon Sanctuary, the adventurer encounters a palisade enclosing a number of tents (5.32’S 32.50’W 856, 1687). These tents are the home of a number of elven brigands and human raiders.


In Ilshenar brigands have made their home in Bandit Town (95.11’N 57.01’W 512, 541), close to Valor Champion Spawn, where they share the location with evil mages.


Smaller groups of elven brigands living in shadow colored tents can be found in malas at five locations:

brigand-malas-3029West of Umbra(30.24’N 18.33’E 1587, 1278) brigand-malas-4155North of Hanse’s Hostel (41.55’N 26’55’W 940, 1147)
brigand-camp-malasdesertClose to Gravewater Dock (10.11’N 24.07’E 1666, 1508) brigand-malas-10626In a corner of the mountain East of Luna (106.26N 5.16’E 1398, 413)
brigand-malas-8809At the tip of the mountain range, far to the east of Luna (88.09’N 75.47’E 2401, 6221) brigand-camp-1305There is also one abandoned camp in the desert close to Forgotten Pyramid (13.05’S 39.22’E 1883, 1773).