Cyclops Valley


On Marble Island, in both Trammel and Felucca, is an underground passage to Lost Lands. North of the tunnel’s exit, close up against the mountains, is a ledge above Cyclops valley (3.25’N 70.52’W 5136, 3073). Entrance into the valley can only be achieved by use of the teleport spell, although a teleport sparkle is available for the return journey, this sparkle can be seen from the entrance point on the ledge above.

The valley consists of winding mountain passes, small grassy clearings and a sandy beach (18.16’N 7048’W 5137, 2904). Cyclopean Warriors and Titans patrol the passes and the beach while the grassy areas furthest from the entrance are home to trolls, ettins, reapers, corpsers, giant spiders, mongbats and harpies.

On the beach the huge humanoids are joined by wyvern, imps, scorpions and more mongbats.