Holy City

holy-city Holy city is found on an island at the south east extremity of Ter Mur (160.29’N 22.55’W 997, 3894). The gargoyle population largely avoid contact with outsiders, only three interact with visitors; Farmer Nash, Naxatilor the Seer and a healer found in the next building north of the seer’s home.

The last building at the southern end of the city’s main street is the Holy City Museum, while at the far north end is the entrance to Tomb of Kings, with the Shrine of Singularity on the plateau above.

The peace of the city is broken during the hours of darkness, when effete undead gargoyles, effete putrid gargoyles, gargoyle shades and putrid undead gargoyles plague the streets. Two gargoyles in Royal city have an interest in these; Zosilem and Percolem.

The island is home to a significant number of snakes and silver serpents, the snake charmer’s home is found to the south west of the city. Greater mongbats also roam extensively.