Orc Caves


Excavated by the orcs when driven from their homes by the attack of savages from Ilshenar, the orc caves are deep in the Serpent Spine Mountains of Felucca and Trammel; the entrance close to the end of Rat Valley (1.13’N 22.00’W 1010, 1428) is guarded by small groups of orcs, sometimes accompanied by an ettin.


Extending from the entrance a long tunnel occupied by orcs, orc lords, orc scouts and orc choppers leads to the first of three large cave areas. A palisade across the opening restricts access while beyond a dire wolf joins the orcs roaming the area. Steps in the north west corner lead to the main living area where several rooms have been gouged from the rock.

orcprisonerThe first room in the south west corner is a jail cell, its occupant would very much appreciate being escorted elsewhere. Other features in this cavern are are a blood well, a corpser pen, a cider store, an armory, bedchambers, a shrine area with idols where orc mages holds sway and an extensive forge area, both normal large forges and lava forges attended by orc bombers. Scattered food debris makes it unsurprising that giant spiders and giant rats are also found in this level. It would appear than the Felucca orc clan is larger than its Trammel counterpart, particularly in the number of mages.

orc-cave-railwayBeyond the forges, in the North East corner, is a railway line leading deeper into the mountain. The complex appears to be incomplete, as further rails lead towards the rock at some points, but no tunnels leave the area. Three further interlinked caves form the deepest part of the dungeon, each contains the tools and equipment for mining activity. The formidable orc brutes is close by together with orc bombers, and in the most northerly cavern is the domain of the Orcish Engineer, only found by those undertaking the ‘Exploring the Deep‘ quest.


Finally, in the most eastern cavern where the drilling machines are found the orcs appear to have discovered a group of earth elementals.

Should you choose to join the orcs in their mining activities you may do so by wearing a Mask of Orcish Kin. However deceiving them in this way will lower your karma and the earth elementals will not be fooled by the ruse.