windmaze wind

The hidden mages’ town of Wind (64.25’N 2.40’E 1361 891) is surrounded by monster infested tunnels. Entering this dungeon area the path leads away to the east. The first turning to the north, and the first cave off that branch, are occupied by lich. The exit teleporter is in a cave on the right of that path and a further cave, with deep pond, on the left is occupied by a pair of daemons.

wind-dragonThe main tunnel also turns north a little further on and an entrance to the town is found a short distance past the next turning. Passing the town entrance finds the tunnel blocked, in Trammel, by daemons, more of these are found in the cavern to the south and dragons and drakes surround the pool there. Strangely a set of marble steps lead to the deeper level of this small cavern at the far south. Beyond the dragon’s cavern a zigzag path leads to furthest entrance to the town where more Trammel daemons attempt to deny access. There are significantly less daemons in Felucca along this path.

Wind park, unlike the traditional idea of a park, is not a restful haven. In Trammel gargoyles, air elementals, stone gargoyles and imps roam the woods and paths; a pair of kraken pollute the lake and on the path south of the lake is found a lone acid elemental. In Felucca the gargoyles, imps and acid elemental are absent, though air elementals and stone gargoyles still roam and the lake still has a pair of kraken. A nightmare and a blood elemental have also made their home in this green subterranean space.