Yomotsu Mines

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The Yomotsu mines are found in a mountain range of Homare-Jima Island, Tokuno, south east of Homare’s moongate and shrine (73.54’N 74.44’W 260, 783). There is a single path meandering through the rock, as the miners have followed the ore seams, with a few wider areas and small off shoots. No miners are found in the mine but they have left behind several stealable items, guarded by the mines current inhabitants.

The first creatures encountered, close to the entrance, are earth and dull copper elementals with Yomotsu warriors; these roam throughout the dungeon. Yomotsu priests are not usually met until deeper in the mine beyond the first U-turn in the tunnel, but will be met from this point on.

Winding through the tunnel, when level with the entry point the first shadow elemental is encountered, another will be met further in. A spur to the south houses a strange platform of indeterminate function, a Yomotsu Elder has charge of it. Close to the end of the tunnel broken stone walls can be seen and a Daemon statue has been partially excavated, or partially buried, in a small side spur to the left. A fire beetle can be found among the spawn in the wider area near this spur while at the extreme end of the tunnel is found a second Yomotsu Elder.

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