Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar Announced

Today BioWare Mythic announced Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar, a new product that is going to be part of the Ultima franchise.  Ultima Forever offers a completely new chance to explore the world of Brintannia with action RPG gameplay and enthralling storytelling. It will be available on both PC and iPad, to let you choose across platforms where to play, either solo or with friends. For more information and the opportunity to sign up for beta, visit www.ultimaforever.com.

The Ultima franchise is a fantastic legacy and has always been very important to us. Ultima Online celebrates the 15th anniversary this year, and will continue to evolve and be a home for many players all over the world. The Awakening story arc will unfold more in a direction that might surprise you. The same dedicated team will continue to work on Ultima Online and lead it into the years to come.
We are very excited that we are now able to present you with a two option to live and fight in Sosaria. The rich lore of Ultima will continue to captivate generations, now with Ultima Online and Ultima Forever.