UO Herald - Special Announcement

Ultima Online 2019 Roadmap

1/16/2019 Greetings Britannians! In case you haven’t read the latest newsletter, we want to share with you the first release of our upcoming roadmap for 2019!  This year is going to be packed full of adventure!  Since its release in 2010, High Seas has been one of the most commonly talked about additions to Ultima Online. It comes up at meet and greets, the various player gatherings we’ve had over the years, the forums, and in feedback we receive directly.  We are excited to announce the theme for 2019 will be focusing on the High Seas! So what does that mean for publishes this year?  Is […]

UO Herald - Special Announcement

Baja Meet & Greet Monday

12/7/2018 Greetings, Please join us for our final Meet & Greet of 2018!  Join us on Baja on Monday, December 10, 2018 at 9pm ET at King Blackthorn’s Castle. See you in Britannia, UO Team

New Store Item: Mystical Polymorph Totem

12/6/2018 Have you ever wanted to enjoy afternoon tea while dressed like an orc?  Do you absolutely need to role play a talking dragon for your guild’s holiday pageant while still maintaining your combat readiness – well now you can!  Combine costumes with this totem to free up your precious equipment slots to stay combat ready and look great while doing it!  Get yours in the Ultima Store today!

December to Dismember Ultima Store Sale!

We are pleased to announce select items in the Ultima Store are on sale for the month of December!  Visit the Ultima Store today to take advantage of this limited time event!  Enjoy great savings on some of your favorite items such as Hairstyle Change Tokens, Natural Hair Dyes, Pigments of Tokuno and much, much more!  

Publish 103 World Wide

12/3/2018 Greetings, We are pleased to announce that as of each shard’s normal maintenance beginning December 4, 2018 Publish 103 will be deployed world wide. A few of the highlights in Publish 103 include – Holiday Gifts – choice from new collectibles, a recipe book, and more! The Artisan Festival returns – new Vice & Virtue themed rewards! Krampus!  Will you brave the trade routes with Krampus running about!  New weapons, equipment, pets, and more await those who do! Classic Client updates – new macro functionality! New Keeps from the Keep Design Contest! And much more! You can read all about […]

Publish 103 Release to Origin, Izumo, & Baja

11/29/2018 Greetings, With each shard’s normal maintenance cycle beginning November 29, 2018, Publish 103 has been deployed to Origin, Izumo, and Baja.  Check out the latest patch notes for the full list of updates. Please note there will be a mandatory patch, so please make sure you patch up your client before logging in to any shard. We are currently planning to deploy Publish 103 world wide on December 4, 2018.  We want to make a very special thank you to everyone who visited TC1 and provided feedback. See you in Britannia, UO Team

New Store Item: Hairstyle Token

Looking for that perfect new look?  The new Hairstyle Token offers the ability to change the hair, horns, beard, and beard horns of your character!  Visit the Ultima Store today to get your new look!  You can also visit TC1 to use a token to check out the various hairstyles.  

Publish 103 Update to TC1 & Keep Winners!

11/16/2018 Greetings, We are pleased to announce the next update of Publish 103 has been released to TC1.  There are a number of updates to the Krampus encounter, as well as Holiday Gifts & the Artisan Festival.  Visit the Publish 103 wiki page to learn more. We are also pleased to announce the winners of the Publish 103 Keep Contest! Robin’s Nest by Robin Traditional Keep by Newcastle Arms Villa Crowley by Mr. Crowley Darkthorn Keep by Violet Darkthorn The Sandalwood Keep by Holly Casa Maya by Mandrake Visit TC1 to check out these great designs and congratulations to the […]