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Holiday Gifts Now Available!

12/1/2021 Greetings, We wish to offer seasons greetings to all Britannians!  To celebrate the arrival of the holidays, artisans throughout the land have sharpened their froes and readied their hammers!  The Artisan Festival kicks off this month and to celebrate crafters from Vesper’s very own The Busy Bees & The Colored Canvass are offering each Britannian a holiday gift!  Holiday Batik & Candles come in a number of collectible varieties.  Get yours today! To welcome the season we also invite you enjoy, Light in the Darkness By EM Malachi The winter had reached Vesper, and the months of snow had […]

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Blood Spawn

11/16/2021 We are pleased to announce a new Champ Spawn in our continuing dynamic event series!  For those brave enough, visit Yamandon Point in Tokuno to battle against mighty foes!  We also invite you to enjoy the next piece in our fiction series, Blood Spawn. by EM Malachi Blood Spawn Many years ago… The gargoyle’s flesh had yellowed from the pickling brine used to preserve the body. Careful incisions covered the body, and the corpse’s heart and liver sat on a pair of scales. A heady incense filled the room to cover the smell of decay. Relvinian pulled back the creature’s […]

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Demon’s Dinner

10/27/2021 We invite you to sit back and enjoy the next in our fiction series, Demon’s Dinner By EM Malachi Many years ago… When the neighbor’s black cat scratched him, Virgil Hassen knew he was going to have a bad day. The cook’s worries were confirmed when he fell in a mud puddle on the River’s Gate Bridge. Being an hour late for work on the day of an important dinner party didn’t help Virgil’s mood either. Chef Tirel stopped chopping carrots and shook his head when Virgil arrived. “You’re very lucky. Lady Tessa made me promise not to fire […]

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Treasures of Die-Loth

10/4/2021 The Treasures of Demonic Forces event is now live on all shards! Visit Dungeon Hythloth in Trammel to test your strength and courage against some of Britannia’s most demonic foes!  Collect Artifacts of Demonic Forces and exchange them for powerful rewards! Up for an even greater challenge?  Test your monster bashing skills and PvP skills by visiting Hythloth in Felucca on Atlantic, Lake Superior, Pacific, Europa, Asuka, and Sakura! Points from this event will expire on December 4, 2021 at 11:59pm ET. See you in Britannia, UO Team  

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The Dark Path

9/28/2021 In preparation for the upcoming release of Treasures of the Demonic Hoard we invite you to sit back and enjoy, The Dark Path Ancient magma pockets that birthed the Isle of Deeds smoldered under the ground, making the heat almost unbearable. Ash swirled around Reiya as she traced runes on the table with blood-stained hands. “We have lost the Path. Now we light a fire so the Guide can lead us back. In Flam Lor Vas Ort Por.” “By our blood, the Wildfire burns. By this fire, the Path is lit. By the Path, the Guide returns. Por Grav […]

Publish 111 Worldwide

9/20/2021 Greetings, We are pleased to announce that Publish 111 will be released worldwide beginning September 22, 2021.  If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the release notes. We urge all players to familiarize themselves with the new changes related to pets going wild.  This especially applies to pack animals. Pack animals and hirelings will now only stay in the offline auto stable for 24 hours after which they will be removed from the world if not retrieved. The auto stable is an offline facility where pets can be stored till their owner logs back in – it […]

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Treasures of Halloween Testing Now Available

9/9/2021 Greetings, The 2021 Treasures of Halloween event is available for preliminary testing on TC1.  Please use the moongate at the Britain Commons to visit Dungeon Hythloth.  Rewards are intended for final release and additional lore pages will be available when the event goes live in October 2021.  We look forward to your feedback on the forums. See you in Britannia, UO Team

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Test Center Shard

9/2/2021 Greetings, In preparation for Publish 111 we will be bringing TC1 internal until Tuesday, September 7, 2021.  Until that time TC1 will be unavailable.  Keep an eye on UO.com for the full Publish 111 release notes. See you in Britannia, UO Team  

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Catskills M&G

8/10/2021 Greetings, We would like to invite you to the rescheduled Catskills Meet & Greet with the Developers on August 23rd, 2021 @ 8pm ET.  We look forward to seeing you all and answering your questions. See you in Britannia, UO Team

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The Witch of the Isle

8/3/2021 We invite you to sit back and enjoy the next piece in our ongoing  Wildfire series, The Witch of the Isle By EM Malachi The bolt of raw mana tore through the daemon’s unnatural essence. The fiend gave a final roar and collapsed in a pile of burning embers on the dock. The monstrous skull was the last part to crumble to ash. As the air cleared of Wildfire’s dense smoke, Lady Tessa let herself finally breathe. A knight pulled off the burning gauntlet that held his sword. A bucket line of the island’s merchants appeared and began dousing […]