Happy Birthday Stratics and Ultima Online

As Ultima Online, forerunner and pathfinder of the MMORPG genre, rapidly approaches it’s 15th Anniversary, so too does www.stratics.com, possibly the oldest continuously active MMORPG fan site on the internet.

Why is it the oldest? Because it was launched in October 1997 by Ryan(Den Dragon)Finlay to support this awesome game and its players.

The ‘tree’ that is Stratics has developed other ‘branches’ over the years, supporting later games and is now owned by George Vanous of TGN.

The strongest, and oldest, ‘branch’ is still uo.stratics; continuing its staunch support of Ultima Online over its full 15 year history through comprehensive play-guides and news features on the portal, http://uo.stratics.com and through message boards at http://stratics.com/community.

Now, in a move to strengthen this already long established bond, Petra Fyde, Managing Editor of uo.stratics, senior administrator of stratics.com/community and avid UO player, takes the title ‘UO Community Liaison’. In this role she, ably supported by a select group of uo.stratics staff and Airmid Cecht,TGN community manager, will form a conduit between the UO team, led by Mesanna, and the player base.

All UO Fan sites will be invited to feed into this conduit to communicate their user’s questions and concerns. These questions will be compiled by Petra and sent to Mesanna to be answered on a weekly basis. Fansites should appoint one person to be a contact person for that site and introduce yourself to Mesanna.