Reminder: Housing Decay Reactivated on 01/17

Update 01/16: Housing decay will be reactivated in TOMORROW.

Update 01/11: Housing decay will be back on in SIX DAYS. Since Monday, January 16 is a holiday in the US (Martin Luther King Day) have decided to extend the grace period by another day. Housing decay on will be re-activated on Tuesday, January 17.

Please note that even if your account has been inactive for more than 90 days, you still have 5 days after housing decay is back, before your house is gone.

We will turn on housing decay on Monday, January 16. Please take the necessary steps to secure your house before its turned back on.

If want to log in but you haven’t had the chance to link your account in the Account Center yet, please check the Account Center Management Page guide and the How to link my Accounts guide. You can always contact ‘’ if you encounter a problem.

See you in-game!