Ask & Answer No. 5

It is time for another Ask and Answer and this week we answer a lot of great questions from UO Mania.

UO Mania clorenz – Are there any plans to add books to store Scrolls of Alacrity or Powerscrolls similar to the books for Scroll of Transcendence?
Mesanna:  When we did the SOT book we had planned to add these other ways to store items.  There are just so many things we want to get done we have to take them one at a time.  Please be patient they are coming.

UO Mania clorenz – Are there any plans to add jewelry boxes to store rings and bracelets similar to the seed boxes?
Mesanna:  This is something the team as talked about several times, but it’s not as simple as the seed boxes.  As soon as we can figure out a way to do this correctly to everyone’s satisfaction we will give you guys a jewelry box.  The best part about this is I found a wonderful antique jewelry box that would be fitting for the art.
UO Mania clorenz – Can we have a preview of the 15th year Veteran Rewards? Are they useful or decorative?
Mesanna:  All the 15th year vet rewards are useful except for the new statues we have added this year.  (But the statues are pretty sweet)  We will post some pictures close to the publish date for everyone.

UO Mania Bl4ckFir3 – Why do we still have to pay a monthly subscription, while many games have moved to a free-to-play model? Have you considered going Free-to-play with extra features and expansions for sale and the possibility to earn currency in-game to unlock them?
Mesanna:  The option to take UO free to play is not up for discussion at this time.

UO Mania Wanderer – are you planning to provide some improvements for thieves in PvP?
Mesanna:  Honestly no we don’t have any specific plans, but we do want to start the Topic specific HOC’s soon,  PVP will be a topic we are going to want to talk to you guys about.  I will say that the team wants to give thieves things to do in and out of PVP.

UO Mania Sir Bolo – the Singing Balls and Secret Chests are only available on the UO store in Japan at the moment. Are you going to make them available for sale also on in the US and in Europe?
Mesanna:  I can add the Secret Chest in the future when I have other things to add to the origin store.  I need everyone to understand this is a normal chest that has the ability to have a combo lock on it thus a great role playing tool.

UO Mania Sir Bolo – codes for the 15th Anniversary Commemorative Robe were handed out to players at the anniversary party in Virginia, and to the winners of the Memorable Moments contest. Are we going to get other opportunities to win the promotional codes for this robe?
Mesanna:  Not at this time, we do not have any plans outside of the contest and the party to distribute the robe.

Recently, the veteran rewards are overflowing with Sosaria.
How about “Re-activation of vet rewards”?
I mean, a reduction point is decided according to years of rewards and it returns to the acquisition point for a new rewards. For example, “1 year vet rewards” is 0.1point and 10 “1 year vet rewards” will be point for “Getting one 1 years vet rewards”.
Thank you for your time. (Peil)

Mesanna:  I can see pro’s and con’s to this.  This is not a decision that can be made lightly but we will bring this up at a later date for discussion. 

Do the devs have any plans to make Gargoyle Clothing (Gargish Robes, Gargish Wing Armor, Gargish Talons) able to be used with a Arcane Gem to create Arcane Clothing for Gargoyles? The only Arcane Clothing that a Gargoyle can use right now, is the Arcane Robes, which there’s quite a few Robe slot items nowadays which are better (Conjurer’s Garb, Shroud of the Condemned, etc). (PlayerSkillFTW)
Phoenix:  : Right now we don’t have plans to create Gargoyle versions of Arcane Clothing, because there are alternatives on equipment that make all spellcasting reagent-free.

Is it possible to change the color of the font on the menu for the peculiar seeds? The font is dark and the background is dark. Its hard for my old eyes to see how many resources there are on the plant. On the plain plants the font is white with the black background. Can the pecular seeds be changed to what the plain plants are. Thank you. (Sara Dale)
Kyronix: This is something that can be adjusted, I’ll go ahead and submit an unconfirmed bug report into the system so it can get added.