Ask & Answer No. 7

The Ultima Online team has received another set of questions last week. Here are the answers.

Ultima Online Bibliothek Dear Devs, UO has been in our lives for 15 years, how about new merchandise to celebrate? The red Dragon with the 15years font would be a perfect and very cool object for (coloured!) T-Shirts, Hoodies, Lanyards and Stickers! (Medea, )
Mesanna: There is a new Tshirt on the bioware store for UO if you go to this link.  

Ultima Online Bibliothek Hello Devs, is it possible to get rid of the timer on the green thorns? I think there is no reason anymore to not get rid of it, because to hunt for Vines or Vorpal Bunnies is nowadays no real issue anymore… thank you! (Medea)
Mesanna:  Currently there is a 3 minute delay on the thorns that the team have honestly not thought about removing .  We will do some research and talk it over.

Ultima Online Bibliothek Hallo UO Team, what happened to the plans about New Naven, meaning replacing New Haven with the old Haven or Occlo? (Waldschrat)
Mesanna:  We have not made any plans to go forward with this change as of yet.

Ultima Online Bibliothek Dear UO Dev Team, how about a nice and somehow useful list about what action will bring how much points for Town Loyalty? Or even a formula on how the different options are calculated? I am a little confused about all the things we can do. For example: I hunted on Champion Spawns for hours for my tamer’s standing, but there was very little or not much standing earned. But my tailor has no problems maintaining and even get more standing with ease when she gives her BODs to the local workers! (And yes, I login daily to get the loyalty points refreshed). Thanks!
Thanks for listening! 

Kyronix: As I am sure you realize its combination of Love, Hatred and Neutrality.  Given the past loyalty decisions of the character it might take longer to build the relationship with the city you desire.

I’d love to know from the team if they plan on releasing these thrones in the spring cleaning or something before anyone makes a poor choice of purchase thinking it’ll be the only release. (Assia Penryn)
Mesanna:  I don’t have issue adding the throne to Spring Cleaning.

Japanese Players Question 1
Question: Are there any plans to revamp the aquarium?
Nickname: Ivy

Mesanna:  We are looking to add new items not necessarily revamp it. In the recent storyline Dupre and Lord Blackthorn appeared ingame. Why didn’t you/the EMs not use their special armors/skins (can be seen here and here)?
Mesanna:  The old armor was not used because it was not visible in the EC client so we had to remake Blackthorn.

Over the last few months, the size of my guild has more than doubled. Admin, things like promoting folks or doing guild titles, was ok while we were small, but now we’re so large, and so many folks have a alts with us too, it’s becoming a true pain in the ass. For example; scroll through 6 pages to find the char that needs a status altering, as soon as you’re done, it drops you out of the guild roster page. To get to the next char to alter, you have to go back in scroll through 6 pages, etc etc. Is there any way of making this simpler? What I would like to see, ideally, is
1) If I click on a char name, I get all the chars that one person has in the guild.
2) I can work on those chars, from that list, without being dumped out of the guild admin section and having to navigate back through.
3) Maybe some way of working on the admin bits from the UO site, available to me as a guild leader, with a choice of giving access to emissaries?
Also, guild titles. What’s with me not being able to give someone the title ‘Dragon Master’ or ‘Hunt Master’ or similar? Those aren’t offensive in any way, what’s the problem? I know it fits, but it tells me it’s disallowed. And if you look at that, maybe you could fix the problem that’s causing my chest of glassblowing supplies to show up on engraving as ‘gla$$blowing supplies’!(Cailleach, ask the devs)

Mesanna:  We would like to redo the guild system as we are aware of a lot of issues we would like to change it in.  I know this is not the answer you want but it is on our list.  As far as the title Dragon Master or Hunt Master those were disallowed due to the fact that you can not name yourself after a NPC in the game or a skill in the game.    I have no problem at all for allowing glassblowing to show up as it should.