Ask & Answer No. 8

This week’s Ask & Answer had to fight its way through wind and rain. Here are latest answers to your questions:


Can you add the timer for the spawn of the next token to the item property display of the veteran reward Shard Transfer Shields? Right now I need to write down the date to remember when the next token will come out. (clorenz)
Also the number currently held on the shield (Tazar)

Kyronix: This is something we can easily do and will add to the backlog, thanks!

Currently we can only get Bulk Order Book Covers buying the full 11th anniversary collection pack from the origin store. Can we get them in some other way, for example with a separate purchase? (Zangar)
Mesanna: This is something we can add in the future.

Can we get the ability to remove and recover powerscrolls and recipes from a character, to apply them on another character? (clorenz)
Mesanna: We as a team all feel this would not be a good system to put into UO due to the fact it cuts out the need to do champ spawns.

Can you make all items stackable? There’s still a lot of stuff that requires infinite storage space and is unstackable. (clorenz)

We already have clockwork assemblies and arcane gems that are stackable. Can we get the power crystals to stack as well? (sablestorm)
I can remember when clockwork assemblies weren’t stackable and they were fixed at some point in time. It would be great to be able to stack power crystals too. (Trixrnt4kids)
Tasty treats – We are getting a lot of these now from the new Treasure Chests, and just wondering why they don’t stack? Thank you (Old Man of UO)
Acid slug, Tasty treats and “scared fire ant goo” All 3 doens’t stack. Please, fix it because there are too many items (Ivory Norwind)
Monster Stealables are barely used in game (from my experience talking to people) because they take so many lockdowns in a house to store due to the fact that they are unstackable. Please consider making them stack. Thanks (Nero Blackraven)

Kyronix: There is a number of bugs related to stackable items in the system that we will be squashing during the Publish 80 bug sprint. 

I’d like an item to open my bankbox from home. Similar to the chest of sending, but when you double-click it it opens the bankbox. (clorenz)
Kyronix: This is certainly something we can discuss, maybe it’s time for a Britannian heat wave?

Can we get the ability to transfer money from a character on one shard to a character on another shard? Maybe with a “gold transfer token”. (clorenz)
Mesanna: I guess I am not understanding the question, are you asking to be able to just transfer money?  I guess my confusion is why not just do it via character transfer?

Red & Purple Pixies

Has the staff thought about making the seasonal change that removes the green from the trees and sets the ground in snow, something we can turn off by option? Frankly… I’m sick to death of it in real life and would rather not see that landscape in the game. Thus the option, so people can make a choice.  (Lady Frany Flame)
Bleak: This is a good suggestion and one we will keep in mind for both clients going forward.

UO Auctions

I find that the game can occasionally seem a little linear as far as dress codes go for the player hoping to achieve best kit. For example everyone ends up wearing sunglasses from library donations. Have the Devs ever considered adding any artifacts to the game that are actually random in which art they drop as. Ie a helm that could compete with the goggles, but can appear as a norsehelm/closed helm/samurai helm/dragon helm and a caster hat that could appear as any of the cloth hat art. etc i feel applying this sort of idea to some new drops might aide diversity in the way players end up dressed and make use of great in game art that ends up somewhat redundant. (Treasure Seeker)
Bleak: We have considered doing this but there are several factors that need to taken into consideration for example the actual name of the artifact that may need to be changed based on the selected art or some are may need to be eliminated as a possibility due to meditation restrictions. This is something that we will keep in mind as we go forward in creating new artifacts.


I know it was stated a long time ago that we would be able to un-alter items. Is this still in the works? Also, could we get the option to alter any similar item to any race? For example, rings and bracelets could be altered, but necklaces and earrings could not (unless there’s a similar artifact for the opposite race) (yadiman)
Mesanna: After further research into this matter we are unable to put in the ability to un-alter items.  There just isn’t a way to keep track of the original item.

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