Updated Publish 81 Notes

We would like to start by thanking everyone who has submitted feedback on the proposed publish 81 changes.  Below are a few changes you will see on TC1 as early as next week. Providing more choices of play styles while not invalidating any current play styles is the goal of these changes. We look forward to your additional comments. Here are a few changes that we will be making from your feedback:

Armor Stamina Loss Update:

Player’s stamina loss will now be based on the type of armor as well as the amount of armor that is equipped*. Each piece of armor up to five pieces will reduce the amount of stamina lost when taking damage. The armor pieces which provide the most stamina loss reduction will take priority.

  • Cloth armor, leather armor, and jewelry will give the same stamina loss reduction as Pub 80.
  • Blacksmith armor (platemail, ringmail, chainmail, and dragon armor) will provide a heavy bonus to stamina loss reduction.
  • Studded leather armor, stone armor, bone armor, woodland armor, and hide armor will provide a light bonus to stamina loss reduction.

*Human racial ability Tough now provides a small bonus to stamina loss reduction.

Armor Inherent Mana Phase & SSI Debuff have been removed and replaced by the following:

Armor Inherent Lower Mana Cost

Each piece of non medable armor will provide lower mana cost with the exception of woodland armor. Each piece of armor up to five pieces will provide a percentage which is still subject to the lower mana cost cap of 40. The armor pieces which provide the most lower mana cost will take priority.

  1. Platemail, ringmail, chainmail, and dragon armor provides 1% of lower mana cost per piece.
  2. Studded leather, hide armor, stone armor and bone armor provides 3% of lower mana cost per piece.


Weapon Revamp

Weapon Update:

  • Special Moves

    • Daisho – Primary: Feint / Secondary: Doublestrike
    • Leafblade – Primary: Feint / Secondary: Armor Ignore
  • Soul Glaive: Base damage 16-20 / Weapon Speed 4.0 seconds
  • Composite Bow, Base damage 16-20 / Weapon Speed 4.0 seconds
  • The” Balanced” property can now be found on loot generated two handed weapons. Weapons with this property will be unable to parry or evade.

Weapon Special Move Mana Cost Changes

  • Bladeweave mana cost decreased from 30 to 15.

Combat Changes:

  • All cool downs have been removed from refresh potions.” Total” refresh potions have now been converted to “Greater” refresh potions which will provide more refresh than standard refresh potions.


Armor Revamp – Phase 2

Phase two of the Armor Revamp will allow players to apply Refinements to non-medable armor. 
Armor Refinements are crafted from refinement components that can be collected from:

  • Treasure Maps
  • MiB Chests
  • Merchant Vessels
  • Pirate Vessels
  • Town shop container stealables
  • Champion Spawn Bosses

When combined with additional raw materials Refinement Components can be crafted into an Armor Refinement.  There are three varieties of Refinements:

Plating – Blacksmith Armor


Threads – Tailor Armor


Resin – Carpenter Armor

There are seven levels of intensity for refinements ranging from “Defense” to “Invulnerability” and can be used by a Grandmaster Craftsman to increase one of two item properties:

  • Max Resists – Armor Refined to increase max resists will provide a bonus to a resist category cap up to 75, while lowering the Defense Chance Increase cap.
  • Max Defense Chance Increase – Armor Refined to increase max Defense Chance Increase will provide a DCI cap bonus up to 95 while lowering max resists.

Please submit feedback through one of the following: