Publish 80 Update

Greetings everyone,

Just wanted to drop everyone an update on the current lag issues you are seeing. We are working hard on this issue and will keep you updated on our progress.  I just wanted to let everyone know we appreciate your patience and we appreciate any constructive feedback you can give us regarding the lag you are experiencing.
Last night a new client was released.  This client fixed the crash players were experiencing at the Exodus Encounter. 

We are putting out a server publish tomorrow with the following fixes during the next maintenance cycle:

  • Fixed the issues with pets at the Dread Horn Encounter
  • Character statues will no longer be ejected from houses during house customization
  • Fountain of Life and the Hearth of Fire will no longer be turned when customizing your house
  • Container addons and House Teleporters will no longer lose security settings during house customization

Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong
Producer UO