Application & Housing Maintenance

Update 6:30pm EST: All shards will be down to finalize the migration of the databases for two hours and thirty minutes.  We expect to have all shards back up by 9 pm EST.

On March 27th we are performing maintenance on the Housing warehouse, Vet Reward warehouse, promo codes and character transfer system.  To be able to do this smoothly we will be taking these systems down for approx five hours starting at 1:00 pm EST.  During this time the login servers will be down for several hours between 1pm and 5pm EST.  At the end of the migration we will be taking down all shards for approx an hour to load the changes into memory and will then re-enable login, warehouse and application services .  At this time we will then enable all warehouses and you will be able to start and complete character transfers again.

Thank you very much for your continued patience with us while we complete these tasks.