Publish 84 TC1 Patch Notes

Revenge of the Enchantress

The next phase of the current content arc finds Britannia’s Loyalty cities under attack!

  • Loyalty Cities (Britain, Trinsic, Minoc, Yew, Jhelom, Moonglow, New Magincia, Vesper, and Skara Brae) in Trammel and Felucca are under attack!
  • A random loyalty city in Trammel and Felucca will be under attack at any given time.
  • Invasion forces consist of a Captain and a group of minions.
  • Minions must be killed off before the Captain becomes vulnerable to attack.
  • Minion groups are chosen randomly at the beginning of a city invasion and remain persistent for the duration of that City’s invasion.
  • At the beginning of each city’s invasion a beacon will be built within the city limits.
  • The objective is to destroy the beacon to end the invasion.
  • The beacon will only become vulnerable to attack after a requisite number of Captains have been killed.
  • Killing captains, minions, and the beacon can reward the attacker with minor artifacts.
  • Artifact reward is influenced by luck.
  • Minor artifacts can be turned in to Agents of the Crown, NPCs located in each loyalty city, in exchange for Artifacts Bearing the Crest of Blackthorn.
  • Blackthorn Artifacts are identical (in nearly all cases) to other artifacts currently available, however are a different art type.
  • Blackthorn Artifacts include new versions of: Lt of the RBG Sash, Quiver of Infinity, Rune Beetle Carapace, Cloak of Death, Cloak of Power, Cloak of Silence, Cloak of Life, Conjurer’s Garb, Mystic’s Garb, Shroud of the Condemned, Folded Steel Glasses, Mace & Shield Glasses, Night Eyes, Crimson Cincture, & Tangle.
  • A new wearable, the Epaulette, is available and can be worn in the robe slot. These are meant to replace the robe so the rest of the armor remains visible. They can only be seen in the paper doll.


Cornucopia – Thanksgiving Treats

  • A chance to acquire a rotating pig on a spit BBQ has been added to the Cornucopia.
  • The BBQ pit can be used as a fire source for cooking.
  • Once per day you can double click the pig to receive, at random, a platter of pulled pork, or a pulled pork sandwich.

World building

  • A stable has been added to the City of Vesper near the Vesper Bank

Bug Fixes

  • The ‘Fault’ and ‘Ready” tooltip for the Ararat’s Winch Assembly is now hued in the EC.
  • Players may now toggle off the PVP warning gump provided when travelling by house teleporters to Felucca. You may re-enable the gump by the avatar’s context menu.
  • The EC now provides an item description for Bane property.



Classic client 7.0.33

  • Cliloc Changes
  • New Art Additions

Enhanced Client 4.0.33

  • Cliloc Changes
  • New Art Additions

In the spirit of Halloween the UO Team has donned Halloween costumes, Enjoy!!