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Castle Blackthorn Dungeon

The dungeon of Castle Blackthorn is open for exploration!

  • The dungeon is accessible from Castle Blackthorn in Trammel and Felucca.
  • The Invasions within the Loyalty Cities have been magically sealed inside the dungeon.
  • Minax artifacts can be found by destroying Minax’s beacons and her minions within Castle Blackthorn Dungeon and also engaging other creatures within.
  • Blackthorn Artifacts are available from Agents of the Crown and will accept Minax Artifacts for turn in.
  • Agents of the Crown can be found in Castle Blackthorn in Trammel and within the loyalty cities in Felucca.

City Election Changes

  • Each account may now only vote once per shard.
  • In order to cast a vote a character must be at least respected within a city.

Holiday Gifts will begin December 1 at 12:01 AM and will continue until January 1, 2014 12:01 AM.

· A holiday candle tray available in a variety of colors

  • A lobster dinner

· A Scroll of Alacrity book (holds 300 scrolls and must be locked down in a home to add scrolls to the book)

  • A Deed to a claw foot tub

Please visit the Reward givers in New Haven on TC1 to check out these items.

16th Anniversary Veteran Rewards

House Add-on Lighthouse – 5 year reward, recovers any ship except rowboats that are linked to the lighthouse.

  • All weapons will be saved
  • House add-ons that currently allow you to dry dock your ship will be saved
  • All other items will be destroyed
  • The ship model can be found in the house moving crate

House add-on Gadgetry Table 8 year reward which provides owner an advanced tinkered golem

  • Takes 3 slots
  • Only control one at a time
  • Having the Tinker skill will assist making the golem more powerful
  • Starts with capped skills no training necessary
  • No tinkering is required
  • Can claim one every 24 hours

Ethereal Tiger Mount 15 year reward

Runic Reforging Changes

Enable tinker crafted weapons and tinker created gargish armor to be reforged by runic blacksmith, carpentry, and masonry tools.


  • Smith Hammer
  • Sledge Hammer
  • Pick Axe
  • Pitchfork
  • Butcher Knife
  • Cleaver
  • Skinning Knife
  • Hatchet
  • Gargish Necklace
  • Gargish Glasses
  • Gargish Amulet
  • Gargish Earrings


  • Nunchaku


  • Gargish Stone Amulet

Bug Fixes

Enhanced Client Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected issue where occasionally the SA client sees other player’s avatars as naked and/or dismounted even though they are in fact mounted and clothed.
  • Removed dirt from lightning effect.


Classic client 7.0.34

  • Snow added to the client
  • Cliloc Changes

Enhanced Client 4.0.34

  • Snow added to the client
  • Cliloc Changes