Publish 85.3 World Wide Publish

We will be publishing Publish 85.3 to all shards in the morning during maintenance. Japanese shards will be published this evening during your regular maintenance cycles.

Happy Valentines from the UO Team!!

Be sure to keep an eye on your EM’s for the next 6 days, they will be doing a small event that gives out this years’ Valentines present. We hope you enjoy them!

Bug Fixes:
• Corrected issue where only the character that placed the house is allowed to customize the house.
• Corrected issue where goza mats were becoming unusable.
• Discordance is now considered a hostile act when used against player pets; players may now only use peacemaking on player pets that are freely aggressive.
• Vanilla seeds will now once again spawn on certain mobs within the Exodus Dungeon.
• Cupid’s Arrows will now work during the month of February.
• Event Moderator reward items that have the flamestrike, smoke or sparkle effect will once again be useable in your backpacks with a 60 second delay.