Publish 87 to Origin and Izumo

Good afternoon,

  We are publishing and patching a client out for Publish 87 to Origin and Izumo today, we look forward to your feedback.  This will go World Wide on the Tuesday 21st.  .

Pub 87 to Origin & Izumo

  • Treasures of Doom

    • The NPC at the Research Camp outside of Doom will now resurrect players.
    • The drop rate for artifacts of doom has been increased substantially. Luck and creature difficulty will positively influence the chance at receiving an artifact of doom, being hidden will decrease the chance at receiving an artifact of doom.
    • As a result of the increased drop rate, some turn in reward prices have been adjusted and are still subject to change based on feedback before WW release.
  • Ship cargo containers will no longer be locked or trapped.
  • Certain items that had missing default names will no longer be improperly placed inside of a trade crate when using “Fill from Backpack.”
  • The VvV participant flag will now be removed after 8 hours.

Enhanced Client Bug Fixes

  • User Setting “Block War on Guild” has been updated to “Block War on Friendly”
  • Save Journal Option is functional once again
  • Removed hotbar item disabling on player death, low mana, minimum skill requirements, and paralyzed
  • Hotbar context menu options for Polymorph, Spell Trigger, and Enchant Spell are now functional
  • Corrected issue where bank boxes do not show full contents in grid view. Known Issue bank boxes do not show grid view option when first opened
  • Corrected contents information when displaying weight
  • Improved performance of hotbars while they are hidden
  • Temporarily disabled heartbeat on low health