Publish 90 Update to Origin & Izumo

A big thank you to everyone that has taken the first steps in the Time of Legends!  The following updates have been deployed to Origin & Izumo,

  • Tweaked stats and AIs for the Dragon Turtle.
  • Fixed an issue where players who had consumed a mastery primer before completing the Mastery Quest were not receiving the mastery book.
  • Adjusted the loot on the Dragon Turtle.
  • Tweaked stats on tribe NPCs.
  • Peerless encounters now have a chance at being an objective in the Mastery Quest.
  • Treasures of Doom is now active on Origin & Izumo.
  • The Mastery Quest will now update objectives every hour and will remain the same for each player during that time based on account entitlements and VvV status.
  • Fixed issue where Hawkwind’s Mastery quest was delivering cards instead of a Mastery Book on completion.
  • Any cards received in error have been converted into Mastery Books.