Publish 97 Hotfixes


Beginning this evening with the Japanese shards, the following hotfixes will be deployed with each shard’s regularly scheduled maintenance,

• Resolved issue where player created Mysticism Healing Stone would delete after server maintenance.
• Resolved issue where pet Special Move mana cost is not being consumed at correct cost.
• Creatures no longer aggro without line of sight.
• Resolved issue where Magincia pet vendors improperly displayed stable slots over 24.
• Adjusted Pet AIs Mage Mastery and Necromage to prefer melee combat.
• Resolved issue which prevented Necromancy Death Adder from using poison.
• Resolved issue where animal training used remaining available points when lower than the capped property weight was selected.
• Resolved server crash which occurred over the weekend.
• 16th Anniversary Pony animal lore and animal taming requirements have been increased for pets that have undergone animal training.

Thank You,

UO Team