Account Center Downtime

Greetings Everyone,

The Account Center will be down Wednesday, April 4, 2018  at 10am ET for updates.  We expect this downtime to last approximately 2 hours.  This is in addition to scheduled downtime on Thursday while we have the shards down publishing Endless Journey.  Please note this does not mean Endless Journey will be activate on Wednesday.  Endless Journey will not be active until Publish 99 is deployed world wide.

I would also like to take this time to warn everyone that we will be actioning accounts that are caught scripting and/or multiboxing.  We are not going to be giving out any warnings for this if you are caught.  We are also going to be posting monthly the number of accounts that were actioned due to illegal program use, macroing, or harassment/disruptive behavior.

Thank you in advance for your patience with us while we get the Account Center and the shards updated tomorrow and Thursday.