Endless Journey & Storage


We would like to update you on storage options that will become available for Endless Journey accounts.  All Endless Journey accounts will have access to their bank box providing a reduced amount of secure storage.  Former Veteran accounts that return as Endless Journey accounts that have more items than the reduced limit allows will be able to view the contents of the bank, but will not be able to remove any items at this time.  We are working on ways to provide access to these items and will update you as these options become available.  We hope to have these changes live on Test Center sometime next week, and deployed World Wide as soon as testing permits.  Remember you can gain access to all the items in your bank by subscribing at any time.

Endless Journey has brought a new era to Ultima Online and we appreciate your continued patience and feedback while we fine tune the experience to best meet everyone’s needs.

Thank you and see you in Britannia,

UO Team