Looking for Event Moderators

Greetings everyone,

I currently have several positions open in the Event Moderator program.  Since this is a contracted position you must be 18 years old to apply.  We have the following shards looking for Event Moderators:

Lake Superior






If you are interested in joining our family please email me at Mesanna@broadsword.com,  with the following information:

  1.  Account names (no passwords)
  2. What are some of your character names?
  3.  How long have you played UO?
  4. Have you ever conducted any player events?
  5. Are you a rares collector?
  6. Send a small summary of an event you would like to run and include a sample of the type of reward you would like to give.
  7. What shard are you are interested in EMing on?  Remember you can not EM on a shard you play on.

After I receive your application I will check your account for any strikes against it.  If all looks good I will contact you for an interview.   Thank you in advance for your interest in the Event Moderator Program.


Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong

UO Producer