The Detective


To shepherd in the Treasures of Khaldun we have a series of short pieces of fiction to supplement the events in-game.  We present the first installment,

The Detective

By EM Malachi

Chief Inspector K. Jasper considered the stone relic and the blood that covered it. He understood why the town guard of Trinsic had wanted his help. This was the third collector of mystical artifacts who had been killed in the last week. This clearly was not a coincidence. While the fresh blood was obviously from the relic’s final owner, Jasper didn’t know what to make of the strange occult symbols covering the stone mosaic. It appeared to be a fragment of a crypt wall, but which one? Jasper made a note to speak to someone at the Lycaeum.

He started reading the victim’s notes on the collection. Most of the baubles and trinkets had pages of lore and history, but the victim’s research on this particular relic was missing. There was just a scrap of paper with a single name written on it: Leoric Gathenwale. The name immediately brought the details of the case to mind: the madness, the rituals, and the monstrous spider.

The Inspector went to the door and motioned to one of the town guards. “I need you to send a message. We require more help on this.”

The guard looked confused, so Jasper stressed the importance. “It relates to an old case: Khaldun.”