Publish 101 Update


Greetings Everyone,

We have made the following adjustments to Publish 101 that will be released on the shards during normal maintenance time beginning with the Japanese shards this evening, 10/9/2018:

  1.  The  Khal Ankur and the Dragon Turtle  champ spawns located in Felucca have been adjusted to spawn upon morning maintenance and can only be reactivated with valor after the first spawn.
  2.  Cultist’s Ritual Tomes will no longer be spawning as a blessed item on Siege and Mugen.
  3.   The information for the Felucca Khal Ankur Champ Spawn in the Wiki regarding the guaranteed 120 Power Scroll drop has been corrected, it now states 4 instead of 8 scrolls.

We appreciate all your feedback and look forward to more in the future.

UO Team