UO Status Update

Greetings everyone,

We will be publishing 108, Tuesday March 24th to all shards. All updates will be active after normal scheduled maintenance.

We know many of you are asking us to turn off Housing Decay. We will not be doing that at this time due to the fact there is a 90 day grace period after closing an account for the houses to fall. After 2 months we will review the status of where everyone is at due to the virus and make our decision at that time.  Please understand when we turn off housing decay this makes it so no one can place a house, resize a house or customize a house in any ways. So please understand we have to be very careful when we make this decision.

With many of our players confined to their houses we are going to be turning on Treasures of Tokuno to give everyone an old favorite that has been requested many times. Enjoy!!

Thanks for your understanding,

Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong