Treasures of Wildfire Live Worldwide



We are pleased to announce the next installment of our event series is now live on all shards.  Reward points from this event expire on September 1, 2021 at 12:01 AM ET.

Following the defeat of Holmes’ abomination and the freeing of master artisan Yukio a new an enigmatic figure has emerged – Elidyr.  A spellweaver from centuries ago, he unlocks the secrets of Wildfire and warns of a coming doom that will test Britannians to the core!  Ready your blades and bows and cast your spells as we embark on a new bold adventure in, Treasures of Wildfire!

With many rewards to collect there is something for everyone!

9 Pages of Lore • Towel from the Orchid • Robe of the Dark Monk • Dursllia’s Amathe • Branches from the Tree of Strife • Splinter from the Tree of Strife • Soul Glass Dust • Idol of Wildfire • Carved Bone Relic from Holmes • Solaria’s Secret Poisons • Stolen Piece of Castambre • Keys to Yukio’s Holding Cell • Lucky Abomination Skull • Mark of Wildfire • Bloodspawn Ritual Table • Ember of Wildfire • Artisan’s Esteem • Wildfire Ostard