Holiday Gifts Now Available!



We wish to offer seasons greetings to all Britannians!  To celebrate the arrival of the holidays, artisans throughout the land have sharpened their froes and readied their hammers!  The Artisan Festival kicks off this month and to celebrate crafters from Vesper’s very own The Busy Bees & The Colored Canvass are offering each Britannian a holiday gift!  Holiday Batik & Candles come in a number of collectible varieties.  Get yours today!

To welcome the season we also invite you enjoy,

Light in the Darkness

By EM Malachi

The winter had reached Vesper, and the months of snow had begun. Elidyr was lost in thought when he bumped into the young woman sitting on the bridge’s railing. She was watching the snowfall over the water and humming to herself.

When he apologized, the woman laughed and jumped down. “Don’t worry. You couldn’t have pushed me into the water. I’m Corinne.”

“My name is Elidyr. Sorry again.” Elidyr made a move to leave.

Corinne stretched her arms dramatically to block him. “Well, Elidyr, you’re too somber for this time of year. Where’s your holiday spirit?”

“These are troubled times.”

“That may be so. All times have their troubles, but what’s really bothering you?”

Elidyr sighed and started talking. He told her about the long years he was trapped and the people he missed. He spoke of what the wisps had shown him, from the rituals of the Dark Monks to Relvinian’s madness. He even shared his worries about the future. The more he spoke, the easier it was to continue.

When he finished, Elidyr realized his feet were frozen and he’d been talking for almost an hour. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to burden you. You must be cold.”

“I don’t get cold. Can I give you two pieces of advice?”

“Of course.”

“You aren’t alone. Your family and friends may be gone, but you’ve found others to help. Let them help you in return.”

“That makes sense. And the other piece of advice?

“Get some candles from the Busy Bee. The smell of vanilla on a cold winter night always cheers me up.” Corinne grinned.

Elidry laughed, feeling some of his worry lifted.

“Well, Elidyr, I must be going. I’m off to the Colored Canvas to get my portrait done. Maybe you’ll see me later. ”


Later, Elidyr stopped by the Colored Canvas to see if Corinne was still sitting for the artist. As he considered some holiday prints, Elidyr saw that the famed Alberta Giacco was painting an arrangement of winter flowers instead. As he wandered closer, he noticed a finished portrait of Corinne on the wall, so he asked the clerk how the artist had finished so quickly.

The clerk gave a confused look. “That’s not a new piece. Corinne passed away a few years ago. Dear girl, but born with a weak heart.”


Elidyr approached the cottage and knocked. When an old woman answered, he introduced himself. “I met your late daughter once and wanted to drop off a gift.”

The woman opened the package. “Vanilla candles! Corinne’s favorite. Thank you. Will you stay for dinner?”

“Thank you, I would like that.” Elidyr followed her inside. As she shut the door, Elidyr noticed someone had made snow ethereals along the path.