Treasures of Fey Wrath – Play Now!



We are pleased to announce the next installment of our event series is now live on all shards! After working to uncover the mystery of Rabbits laying Curiously Adorned Eggs, the Ranger’s Guild of Skara Brae has tracked an usual Fey Presence to the Dungeon Destard.  Britannians must work together to overcome the challenges presented in, Treasures of Fey Wrath!

With many rewards to collect, there is something for everyone!

10 Pages of Lore • Decorative Plinth • Pile of Mud • Reward Titles • An Intricately Crafted Bird House • Serpent’s Jawbone • Cloak of Light • Wing Armor of Light • Certificate of Valor • Ankh of Devotion • Solaria’s Secret Poisons • Silverbranch Bow • Silver Tipped Cyclone • Serpent Skin Wing Armor • Serpent Skin Quiver • Briar Thorn Whip • Bramble Barb Whip • Saw Palmetta Whip • Mushroom Cultivator’s Apron • In Corp Mani Xen • Weald Codex • Grimoire of Nature