Summer Solstice BBQ

Greetings Everyone,

We would like to welcome everyone to our Summer Solstice BBQ on Origin July 7th at the Casino location.  We will add a gate to make it easier for you to come visit us and maybe play a few games, eat come good seafood, and drink a nice cold Root Beer drink.

Due to the large number of players that joined us last time we are dividing the times the BBQ games will be open.  This year we are going to be opening the Summer Solstice on July 7th at 11am – 1pm, then we will be taking a break and will return at 5 pm – 7pm ET.

Below are the games listed with a little description, so you have more to look forward to:

  • Boat Race – Rules will be given by EM Roenick and EM Hendrix.  4 contestants at a time using a Rowboat to navigate the course. Make sure you go to the end of the course, collect the deed to present to the EM at the docks for your trinket of remembrance of the Summer Solstice.
  • Ludo Game – This is the human version of the board game.  EM Takako and EM Lyraa will give the rules before each game enjoy and hope you enjoy the trinket for playing.
  • Dunking Booth – This is your chance to dunk in ice cold water one of the following EM’s – EM Obsidian, EM Thrixx, EM Artemis, and EM Cirilla.  We are going to have some fun with this one. evil laugh
  • Pyramid Puzzle – Join EM Kincaid and EM Hezekiah to play this creative game.  Each room will have teleport tiles with various locations within the pyramid.  The goal is to have the player travel up the pyramid to get to the top, they will be teleported to a reward giver in the sky so you can claim a token of appreciation for your efforts.
  • Echo’s Itching for Crabs CrabShack – Drop by and get a plate of deliciously seasoned crabs. Goes great with the cold brews from next door.
  • Ashmedai’s Drunken Kabana Tiki Bar – Hot tired ready to take a break from the excitement, visit Ashmedai’s Bar for a nice cold frosty beverage.
  • Hide and Seek – Join EM Nekomata, EM Mercury and EM Riccia to play a new exciting game.  10 players a round, the goal is to find the lost citizens and collect event items to turn in for a prize.
  • Beachcomber Seashell Search – Calling all beachcombers! EM Elizabella and EM Malachi look forward to seeing you at our seaside hut! We’ll be hosting a search for seashells. Be in chat to hear when each tide rolls in. It will bring new nautilus shells in unusual colors to the coast of Fire Island (Isle of the Avatar). Bring any “Summer Solstice Nautilus Shell” that you find to us. One golden shell or five shells in common hues (pink, blue, or green) will earn you a beautiful souvenir of our fun-filled summer celebration!

We look forward to seeing you there!