New Ultima Store Item: Pet Whistle

Ever wanted to breathe a little more life into your pet? Now you can!  The pet whistle allows pet owners to get their pets to do select animations!  Watch as your dragon flaps its wings and your horse performs a majestic maneuver!  Get yours today in the Ultima Store!

New Items in the Ultima Store!

9/18/19 We’re excited to announce two exciting items in the Ultima Store! The Coconut Crab vanity mount! Enjoy riding on this colossal crustacean!   Also returning this year is the Potion of Glorious Fortune!  Enjoy a 50% bonus to filling Ethereal Soulbinders!

New Store Item: Mystical Polymorph Totem

12/6/2018 Have you ever wanted to enjoy afternoon tea while dressed like an orc?  Do you absolutely need to role play a talking dragon for your guild’s holiday pageant while still maintaining your combat readiness – well now you can!  Combine costumes with this totem to free up your precious equipment slots to stay combat ready and look great while doing it!  Get yours in the Ultima Store today!

December to Dismember Ultima Store Sale!

We are pleased to announce select items in the Ultima Store are on sale for the month of December!  Visit the Ultima Store today to take advantage of this limited time event!  Enjoy great savings on some of your favorite items such as Hairstyle Change Tokens, Natural Hair Dyes, Pigments of Tokuno and much, much more!  

New Store Item: Hairstyle Token

Looking for that perfect new look?  The new Hairstyle Token offers the ability to change the hair, horns, beard, and beard horns of your character!  Visit the Ultima Store today to get your new look!  You can also visit TC1 to use a token to check out the various hairstyles.  

New Store Item: Eowmu

Want to add a bit of variety to your vanity mount collection?  This majestic creature hails from mysterious origins and uses its attractive tail feathers to show off its beauty!  The look of this creature was heavily inspired by one of our Japanese players, Eowyn.  We hope you appreciate beautiful birds as much as Eowyn.  Get your Eowmu from the Ultima Store today!

New Store Item: Vaults

August 15, 2018 Greetings, With each shard’s maintenance beginning after August 15th, 2018 at 5pm ET the following updates will be available world wide, Vaults will be available for rent once all shards have been updated.  The Ultima Store will be updated when vaults are available. Fixed an issue with stone boots.  

New Ultima Store Item: Virtue Shield

Aiming to become a paragon of virtue?  This stylish Virtue Shield is sure to draw the attention even the most discerning of warriors!    This shield grants a bonus to virtue points gained while equipped!  The shield also provides resists, penalty free spell channeling, and defense chance increase!  Humans, elves, and gargoyles alike can take advantage of personalizing their shield with metallic, plant, and specialty pigments.  Get your Virtue Shield from the Ultima Store today!

New Ultima Store Item: Violet Soulstone

Want to add a bit of variety to your soulstone collection?  This new soulstone comes in a beautiful violet hue that is sure to impress!  The soulstone allows you to trade out and store skills from your character.  The stored skill may be retrieved by another character on the account.  The stone may only hold one skill at a time and all standard skill level maximums are enforced when retrieving skills from the stone.  Get your Violet Soulstone from the Ultima Store today!