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Arirang – Discarding the Belief

October 10 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm KST

Event Schedule

Date/Time: 2020/10/10 Saturday 08:00PM KST
Meeting Place: Britain EM Hall

Event Background

While Royal Spy Master Miles is recovering Vesper and Minoc, Sir Dupre, Sir Alberich, Penumbra, and Gilphorn decide to follow Sir Alberich to walk different path. However, Sir Dupre couldn’t get rid of weird feeling toward to Sir Alberich. Something’s keep warning inside of his mind.


We’re expecting battle in this event, please insure your precious items or leave them to your bank box. Event time is not that long so we’ll start it right in time.

Recently some of the players disrupting others’ sight and cause lag intentionally by using mass spell effects. And there were few players tried to make players out of the event zone and bring their friends by using gate travel spell. These actions are forbidden during the event and will be removed from the event zone not only those who use spells, but also those who gained benefits. In an open area, inviting their lost friends may acceptable as long as they do not any harm to others. However, in a closed area such as dungeon is strictly forbidden as it will cause problems.


If anyone disrupts the event, spamming, insulting, and harassing others or EM, the event will be stopped until the situation is handled. Please be advised that any inappropriate behavior will note to your account, and some of them can be fatal. EM will trying to hear your suggestion, complaint, question, and feedback willingly. Even though EM willing to hear and deal with the issue, please note that there are some things that EM cannot deal with.

Event Chat Channel

During the event, we’ll use “Arirang EM Event” chat channel. To communicate with EM, it is highly recommended to join the channel. EM will not take any responsibility for any penalties of information because of this.


October 10
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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EM Hanarin