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Arirang – Roll the Dice

September 21, 2019 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm KST

Event Schedule

Date/Time: September 21st, 2018 08:00PM KST
Meeting Place: Britain EM Hall


This is non-reward event, but the competition event.
This is seasonal event. We’ll having roll the dice competition event this month. According to the number of participants, groups or individual will compete each others in tournament. This roll the dice rules are similar to Yoot, which is traditional game, but it also similar to monopoly as well. So it would be easy to understand.

However, the number of dice in UO uses two dices. Therefore, we’re using first dice number only. So it would be 1~6. So if you roll the dice, and number is 6+3, we will count only 6.
Rules are as following:

1. Number would be 1~6. Each number means how many steps you will move your pawn. However, 6 is -1 so you have to move your pawn backward.
2. You must deliver 3 pawns in order to win the game. You can let all them out at once, or you can just move them one by one. It is your choice. There’s a special rule for pawn that if they step on same tile, they could go together at once but they cannot roll the dice twice. (EX: First pawn went 3 tiles, and second pawn 3 tiles, they can merge into one. They could go together, but they roll the dice only one time even though they are two. They can arrive at destination tile much easily, but also there is a risk that if chaser catches them, both of them must back to start tile)
3. But when you let your pawn all out at once, there will be highly possible that chaser will catch the front runner easily. Like tag, if chaser able to step on the same tile with front runner, front runner must go back to start tile because they were “caught”.
4. For some fun, there will be special tiles. When pawn step on these “special tiles”, they will get beneficial effects and negative effect. Beneficial effects will be pawn that step on the tile can go +x tiles more or forbid enemy pawn to roll the dice for 1 turn. Negative effects will be opposite.
5. Rules are simple as that. Anyone who take 3 pawns to destination tile will win. And winner will matches with other winners, as it is tournament.

There is no reward in this event, but winners will be engraved with special item and displayed in reward hall.


If anyone disrupt the event, spamming, insulting, and harassing others or EM, event will be stopped until the situation is handled. Please be advice that any inappropriate behavior will noted to your account, and some of them can be fatal. EM will trying to hear your suggestion, complain, question, and feedback willingly. Even though EM willing to hear and deal with the issue, please note that there are some things that EM cannot deal with.

Event Chat Channel

During the event, we’ll use “Arirang EM Event” chat channel. To communicate with EM, it is highly recommended to join the channel. EM will not take any responsibility for any penalties of information because of this.


September 21, 2019
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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